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Bad SEO Habits To Quit Now

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SEO is always changing, as search engines change their algorithms to deliver the best results to their users. There are lots of old-school SEO techniques that a lot of people are still using that are out of date, or that can even get your website penalized. Here are some common SEO bad habits that it’s time to quit now.

Creating Pages With Similar Content

This tactic is not as common as it used to be as people become more familiar with SEO Best Practices, but it does still happen sometimes. 

Pages with very similar content are usually created solely for targeting keywords, but it’s not a good strategy. A common example of this is creating duplicate pages within a website for different cities, with the city name as the only difference. This is not good practice and can harm your site. You end up with poor-quality pages that can hurt the ranking of your whole site. 

Link Building Through Template Emails

Nobody likes to receive spam, but people still insist on sending it. Link building is both a marketing and an SEO tactic, which means you need to carefully identify your audience before you create your marketing message. 

Sending a generic, template email to someone and asking them to link back to your website is not going to get you the results that you’re hoping for. 

Instead, research websites that match your target audience, and send a personalized email. Use their name, not ‘dear website owner’, and explain clearly why your site would be of interest or use to their specific audience. 

Trying To Solve Every Ranking Problem By Getting More Links

Links do still matter, but there are only one of many factors that affect your ranking. Links are an endorsement that shows your website has useful information. 

Problems can occur however when these links are gathered in an unnatural way, such as through link schemes, questionable link directories, buying links, and spam tactics. 

These link-building techniques ought to be ditched. Instead, work on a link strategy that is more about useful marketing, and focused on providing a valuable user experience, not just building backlinks for the sake of it. 

Adding Marginal Content For SEO Purposes

You can’t have good SEO without content. You need to use your content to optimize for search. If you aren’t optimizing your content for SEO, searchers won’t be able to find your website. 

Of course, we need content, but there are problems with some content strategies. Marginal content is often added to websites only for the purpose of improving SEO. However, any old content isn’t good enough. 

Don’t just churn out content just in the hopes of increasing the number of pages on your website. Google looks for good quality content that offers value to searchers. Even if Google didn’t care about what sort of quality you’re creating, your site users do care, so quality is key. Your content should be high-quality if you want to drive traffic, keep users on your site, and convert them into customers. 

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