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Build A Business Culture That Puts People First

Build A Business Culture That Puts People First

It is clear that in a business world driven by numbers, people-focused organisations are here to stay and transform attitudes. Yet it’s important to appreciate that a business that puts people first must do so with regard to the intrinsic profit objectives of the company. Ultimately, a business must prioritise survival, which means that you can’t completely erase numbers from the people-focused strategy. Putting people first is not a sustainable approach if it doesn’t benefit the business too. So, how does a company stay afloat when putting people in the driving seat without maintaining its monetary fuel? The answer is a lot more complex than it seems. People-focused organisations must consider the costs and return of their policies and activities and quantify non-monetary returns.

Make the office a better place to work

Building a people culture in the business starts with your employees. Employees are a business’s more significant asset, as they hold the key to company knowledge, technical expertise, and customer relationship. So, it makes sense to create a people-focused workplace that contributes to the team’s wellness, productivity, creativity, and job satisfaction. Some of the most popular initiatives are designed to make the office a better place for work. Introducing strategies that allow staff to arrange their work to fit their lifestyles, such as flexible work options and workplace customisation ideas, can transform the routine. Additionally, it is important to value your employees’ time and mental focus, ensuring that the workload remains manageable and engaging. For employees who work in the office, it is crucial to focus on developing a workplace that facilitates concentration. This could include noise-reducing structures, dedicated ventilation systems, a clutter-free and clean environment, and quiet private booths for undisrupted work. The benefits can significantly improve productivity and quality of work, which translates into monetary gains. 

Give back to the community

Giving back to your community is the opposite of financial income when it comes to the business. However, community activities can drive a positive response that will, in the long term, show monetary value. Indeed, charitable activities, whether you dedicate free time to support the local area or you book a humanitarian trip to help in an international crisis, can have a range of benefits for the business:

  • They help grow your reputation, which in turn can attract new customers, partners, and suppliers
  • They can be tax-deductible or bring tax benefits, which means the business can save money
  • They help employees find deeper meaning in their jobs, reducing turnover rate and increasing productivity

Value your customers

It is fair to say that customer-centric strategies are not new. Placing the customer at the heart of your strategy can increase customer lifetime value and build sustainable and profitable activities. But what are customer-centric approaches? Essentially, these approaches deliver a positive customer experience throughout the transaction process. As a result, they can drive repeat business, advocacy, customer loyalty, and create tangible growth. Understandably, customer service is at the heart of the customer experience, but it’s not all of it. Customer experience also encompasses effective data use, seamless experience and journey, and constant feedback capture and implementation. 

Are you building people-focused strategies in your business? Most companies focus on one or two of the main people approaches. Yet, as a company, servicing your customers, your employees, and your community is the golden trio for long-term, sustainable growth. 

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