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Building A Stunning Zen Garden For Your Office

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When it comes to building the perfect work space for your office, you need to invest in more than desks and a kitchen. Creating an office that is comfortable and builds morale is all about atmosphere, and investing in the break time spaces of your employees is crucial to ensure the happiness of your workers. 

Today we are taking a look at how to build a stunning relaxing zen garden for your employees to enjoy during their lunch breaks. Investing in down time will increase morale, make your employees feel refreshed, and overall improve productivity in the workplace. 

Here are some of the ways you can make a stunning zen garden for your office building. 

Consider vertical planting 

When dealing with Steel frame buildings and large industrial brick it might feel impossible to make a relaxing green space – however there is a clever way to do this. You can build a trellis against the wall of your building and plant creeping flowers such as wisteria or nasturtium that will add colour to the space throughout the year and disguise the office wall. By planting vertically like this you will be able to create a stunning feature that will bring positivity to those sitting outside. 

Add scented flowers 

When creating a garden that is relaxing for your workers, one thing that can be great for the mind is a sensory garden. This means choosing scented plants such as mock orange, lilies, and lavender that will envelope the space with fresh floral fragrance all day long. When people sit out here and enjoy the smell, they will be able to relax their minds and refresh for the afternoon. 

Choose wildlife friendly shrubs 

If there is one thing that can make the perfect zen space for you and your employees, it’s wildlife. From butterflies to bees and birds, there is something magical about animals in the wild and you can encourage this in your office. By planting shrubs such as Hydrangeas and Buddleia, you will encourage both bees and butterflies. You can also consider hanging a couple of bird feeders and installing a bird table where small birds can come and visit throughout the year. 

Add comfortable seating 

When creating a garden for your employees to enjoy firing their lunch break you need to invest in plenty of comfortable seating. You can find waterproof seating in many stores for a good price and once you invest in these seats you’ll make a lovely social space for people to enjoy. Make sure you add a few different areas of seating so that those people who want to escape and have some peace and quiet have the chance to do so. 

Install an outdoor heater 

One great idea to make your outdoor space accessible all year long is to install an outdoor heater in a shaded seating area. This will allow people even when it is cold to head outside and enjoy fresh air when they need it the most. 

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