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Business Safety And Security Tips

Business Safety And Security Tips

Business Safety And Security Tips: Image – free for commercial use

Safety might not be the first thing you worry about when you’re setting up your office space. However, while you’re busy planning the layout, you should consider focusing on security to keep both your business and your staff safe and secure. Office security should be taken seriously. However, there are some simple ways to make your business a safer place to be. 

Get Insurance

Make sure your business has proper insurance. Both your buildings and contents should be insured. This protects you from losing money on repairing damage after a problem, whether the office floods or employees lose equipment, that causes costly damage or stops you from being able to function as you should. 

Light Your Parking Spaces

If you have parking at your business, make sure it is safe for those who use it by keeping it well lit. Motion sensitive lights are a smart addition, as they don’t need to be left on all the time costing you money. Any kind of lighting will help your staff feel secure when they’re returning to their cars in the evening. Stop people from accessing your business from the parking lot by fitting a door entry system.

Tidy Up Clutter

Offices can easily become full of stuff, with piles of boxes all over the office. However, clutter can be more dangerous than you might think. Items left in corridors or walking routes are a trip hazard and might block safe exit routes if a fire happened. Keep things tidy so clutter can’t cause an obstruction. Put things away and they’re much less likely to cause an incident. When storing heavy items, keep them on low shelves or the floor. So, injuries don’t happen if heavy items fall when people are trying to get them down. 

Organize Cables

Cables are a common hazard in most offices. Most desks to have a lot of cables all around them, thanks to the amount of wiring needed for computers, phones, lamps, and other electronics. All those wires dangling around are easy to trip over. Also, if you’ve got overloaded powerpoints with too much plugged in, fires can start. To stop this happening, make sure you aren’t running too many items from the same socket. Buy extension cords with surge protection to protect your electronics from power cuts. Avoid trips and falls by keeping cables tidy and out of the way.  

Encourage Safe Desk Setup

A desk that hasn’t been set-up in the right way can cause health trouble. When people are sitting all day at an uncomfortable angle, this can cause bad posture and a bad back. Make sure any desks and chairs you buy for the office are adjustable and run quick training sessions on how to set up a desk in an ergonomic way. Allow staff to request items like keyboard rests, stands for screens, and other items that can be used to adjust the desk set-up to make it comfortable, with everything at the correct height to avoid back pain, eye strain, and other troubles. 

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