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Cool Ideas For Your Next Event

hands in for a cheer

Next Event: Photo by Perry Grone on Unsplash

There is not a business leader alive that doesn’t understand that you should celebrate victories both big and small. And that goes for their employees as well. Putting the focus on the positive aspects of the business doesn’t negate the bad bits, but it keeps morale high. It focuses on the personal connections and the strength of the whole team. 

Great events promote team working, understanding, and are great for the company’s cash flow too. 

Putting a company hosted dinner or BBQ together is a neat idea. It means that most people will be happily chatting and eating some beautifully cooked food. Of course, like most things, you should hire a professional food truck and have something extra special. If you want to take things to that next level, don’t be afraid to hire a corporate event management service.

If that isn’t your idea of something fun, then an evening of cocktails and music can rarely go wrong. Hire a space that is pretty impressive and comes with great drinks and time package, and all you will have to do is turn up. Of course, you should think about going the extra mile and having a magic mirror, a great DJ, a guest speaker of note and of course a cocktail masterclass!

Community work

There is not a community out there that couldn’t do with some help. From gardening projects to helping out at a local soup kitchen, or a dog shelter. Rather than splashing out on bottomless cocktails, put your big event budget into something that is going to make a difference to people of your community. This one is great for those warm fuzzy feel-good feelings, but also really raises the reputation of your company too – a real win-win. 

Getting active might seem like not everyone will love it, but once people relax into the day and have a team to work with, it goes down a storm. Getting different floors of the building to compete in a range of sporting events is a lot of fun. Consider it like the office Olympics. Imagine how much you don’t know about the people you work with. Suzy from accounts might be a triathlete just waiting to show off her skills. Competitive sport and team-building give staff a topic to talk about for a long time after the fact. 

Treasure hunting as an event?

This involves some teamwork too, as well as some intelligent planning. You’ll need to hire the space for the day – a large field or work with a nature reserve and see what can be accommodated. If you want to get super elaborate you can have an app created simply to give clues and some directions to where things are – and once a team has completed that mission, they can tick complete, and an alert is sent to the other teams. 

A corporate or office event doesn’t have to be boring or only sit-down meals. They can be adventurous and fun. After all, a happy team is a productive one, and a productive team is perfect for the bottom line of your company. 

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