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Corporate Team Building


Corporate Team Building: https://www.pexels.com/photo/eight-person-huddling-872955/

Are you currently looking for an exciting team building activity for your employees to enjoy? Such activities are of extreme importance. They present a great way for your employees to get to know one and another better since the setting is typically a lot more formal. 

Nonetheless, they also present individuals with a platform for learning to work together better, which will result in better efficiency and productivity levels when it comes to every day running of your business. Of course, team-building exercises aren’t enough for this alone. A strengths based assessment should also be carried out, as they are very beneficial for this purpose too. 

If that wasn’t enough, going to the effort to choose a team building event that is fun shows your employees that you care. It will make them feel more valued and it will be considered a perk of their job. This shows why it is so important to choose your team-building activity with a great amount of care. This is why the real-life room escape game is definitely an option worth thinking about.

Escape Rooms

Real life escape games are relatively new to the UK and thus you will be introducing your employees to something they are likely to have never experienced before. Some people may have never even heard of this type of entertainment. Escape rooms are basically real life puzzles. You will be set in a room for a specific amount of time and you will need to complete various challenges before the time runs out.

You may have heard about playing such games online, known as Takagism. However, the concept has been brought to real life, which enhances the fun by unbelievable amounts. The great thing about escape rooms is that they have a theme. You won’t simply be placed in a room and set with a lot of random tasks to do. You will be transported back to a certain period of time and you will be set a mission whereby in order to complete this mission you will have a serious of fun and challenging puzzles to complete. 

Team Work

The positive impact escape rooms can have on team dynamics is astounding. All individuals involved will have to work together effectively if they are to complete their mission and escape the room. Because there is a team limit, it ensures that teamwork skills are really used to their optimum level. It also gives people the platform to tap into their intelligent levels and to use their intuition. People will have to think on their feet and outside of the box in order to come up with solutions.

These are skills they will then carry on to their everyday working life, which will be of huge benefit to you and your company. Moreover, one of the excellent things about escape rooms is the fact that they are so much fun. Therefore, your employees will be gaining all these work-related benefits without even thinking about, since they will be enjoying themselves. This is always the best way to learn and develop. 

So, if you have an important project coming up or you believe a certain department of your company could benefit from getting to know each other better and learning how to work with one and other more efficiently, you should definitely consider booking a day at an escape room. The benefits of this are huge. You will feel the impact on your business in terms of efficiency. Also, your employees will enjoy a great day out together and this will make them feel more valued and more inclined to work harder. You can’t lose!

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