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Could Refurbishment Get Your Gym Back Into Shape?

While all businesses have been hit hard by Coronavirus, some have come out worse than others. Supermarkets, for instance, have managed to keep customer spending as high as ever. Equally, factories and manufacturing companies have shifted towards PPE production as a temporary sideline for survival. Even within retail, shifts towards e-commerce have seen companies thriving despite lockdowns and other limitations. 

Sadly, the same can’t be said for other notable industries, with hospitality taking perhaps one of the hardest hits, while entertainment and general leisure are also struggling to stay afloat. Within that area, gyms and fitness clubs are fighting to keep their heads above the water. 

With restrictions in place for untold amounts of time, the idea of refurbishing your gym at a time like this can seem pretty left-field. You don’t know when people will be back, so surely improvements should be the last thing on your mind? 

Certainly, some businesses aren’t in the financial position to embark on overhauls right now. But, if you’ve got some money in the gym caddy, toning up now could be the ideal way for your gym/fitness club to lose its lockdown weight, and here’s why. 

A chance to keep one foot in the game

The first time lockdowns were lifted, it happened pretty much overnight, leaving business owners very little time to get things back together. This fact, alone, meant that many gym owners simply weren’t in a position to open again, and that sealed their fates, especially given the need for changes in regulation, etc. before customers can come. 

By taking this chance to refurbish, though, you stand the best chance at being raring and ready to go when you can open up again. At the very least, starting on a little refurbishment right now means that you’ll be ready by the time the so-called ‘reviews’ are due to happen in March/April. 

Redesigns with safety in mind

Redesigning/rejigging business processes with safety in mind is necessary across the board right now, but that’s especially the case in a gym, where people will be sharing equipment as well as getting all sweaty and out of breath. In most instances, negating these risks means not only limiting the number of people who can work out at any time but also taking pains to split sections/reduce equipment.

And, that’s something you’ll find much easier to implement if you’re refurbishing already. After all, if you’re going to move things around anyway, you may as well redecorate or speak with those gym flooring installers and builders who have been in your phone book for so many years. As well as ensuring the designs you need for safety, taking this step could lead to a silver lining that you didn’t expect. 

An incentive to come back

At the very least, refurbishing now gives clients old and new an incentive to come back when you can finally open. And, when they come to check out what changes you’ve made around the place, your new, safety-first design might just encourage them to stick around.

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