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Creating A Safe Working Space In 2021

As an employer, keeping your employees safe at work should be your number one priority. One way in which you can currently meet this goal is by allowing them to work from home as we continue to battle the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it is also important that you plan ahead so that they can safely return to work once restrictions are lifted. 

With that in mind, here are some top tips that you can use to create a safe working space in 2021! 

  1. Install sanitising stations throughout the office. This means that employees have easy access to hand sanitiser and similar products as and when they need it. 
  1. Encourage employees to take responsibility and keep their work stations clean. Provide them with appropriate resources to do so, such as disinfectant wipes.
  1. Consider using local office cleaning services to keep your office in top shape. If you already have a team of cleaners, increase the frequency of their visits. 
  1. Purchase quality cleaning products, such as Commercial Steam Cleaners, which are a great way to remove dust, dirt, grime and germs. This means that they can be used to sanitise your office at the end of a busy workday, creating a safe working environment for all.
  1. Layout social distancing markers, to help your employees work collaboratively whilst keeping the appropriate distance from each other. 
  1. Stagger the return of employees to the office, so that the space is not overcrowded. For example, employees can alternate working from home and heading into the office, so that they only meet in small groups.
  1. Continue to make the most of digital software. Instead of hosting meetings in person, hold them over zoom or a similar platform.
  1. Hang up posters around the office, encouraging employees to follow government guidelines such as washing their hands etc.
  1. Provide employees with appropriate access to PEE when necessary. This could include facemasks, gloves and aprons. You may wish to design PPE that features the company logo. 
  1. Ensure your office space has good ventilation. When possible, keep the windows open to allow fresh air to enter the room.
  1. Encourage your employees to reach out should they have any questions. They must be kept in the loop about any changes that may be happening, especially if they feel particularly stressed or anxious.
  1. Read over your current health and safety policy and risk assessments, and make any necessary changes.
  2. Make the most of your available space, ensuring that employees can keep their distance when working. For example, it may be that every other desk is used as opposed to every single desk. When this is not possible, install barriers between the desks to protect employees. 
  1. Try to reduce the number of things your employees have to ‘touch’ within the office. For example, switch to automatic light bulbs so that they do not have to flick the switch on and off. 
  1. Ensure that each employee has access to their own materials, such as stationary. They should no longer be shared amongst themselves, to reduce the risk of transmission from one employee to another. 

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