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Creative Ways to Tell Your Brand Story

79% of adults in the United Kingdom believe brands should tell their own stories as an effective marketing strategy. Your brand captures what your business is all about, and how you handle it will determine how customers receive you. As a business owner, you need to utilise every available creative tool to tell your brand story. How can you successfully do this? Here are a few practical ways. 

1. Use animation to tell a memorable story

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The overall objective of getting people to feel drawn to your brand is to generate an authentic buzz about your business. To get this right, think about how to infuse entertaining elements into your brand story. First of all, what would you like people to know about your brand? Secondly, how can you communicate this in a relevant and exciting way? These are essential questions you should be able to find answers to if you want your brand story entertaining.

Fortunately, animation has taken hold of the video industry, and according to the UK’s media, people tend to retain 95% of stories narrated through this medium. Moreover, 85% of UK businesses believe video animation is necessary for brand marketing. Therefore, you can’t overlook this vital element in your brand story. To get started on your animation story, read more about this innovative style.  

2. Show radical transparency and diversity

Diversity has become a sensitive issue in the 21st century. As it gains more traction, it’s best to include that element in your brand story to enable others to relate easily with your brand. Avoid making diversity just a buzzword in your company and, most importantly, in your brand story.

How can the customer see this diversity element? To be successful at this, you must fully display radical transparency within your brand. Make a deliberate effort to include underrepresented groups, which cuts across gender and ethnic diversity. That way, whatever format you use to tell your brand story, the discerning public can attest to your claims.

3. Create custom content and feature your clients

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If you’re conversant with the Adidas brand, you’d have realised a common theme that runs in all their brand stories. They tend to use their customers to create custom content for their narratives, especially during athletic games. For example, several athletes in Adidas footwear and other sporting gear during the Olympics are captured as part of the brand story.

Although the Adidas brand is a well-known name, they continue to add to their brand story to create relevance in all generations. In recreating this for your business, you should first consider what product drives your brand. Is it food or a drink? Better yet, are you into fashion accessories or children’s fashion? By first acknowledging your main driving force and unique selling proposition, you can then identify how to create customised content that includes your clients. Be sure to seek your customers’ consent before featuring them in any media publishing activity.

There may be many businesses out there, but telling a compelling brand story will help position you in customers’ minds and put you a step ahead of your competition. 

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