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Don’t Fall Behind With Vehicle Tracking

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In the business world, competition has never been as fierce as it is today. Just think of all of the major players who have had to go into administration over the past decade. The following companies have all felt the torrid effects of tough times; e-commerce store Play.com, law firm Cobbetts, wine retail chain Excellar, video rental store Blockbuster, women’s lingerie retailer La Senza, the UK’s only national camera retailer Jessops, and retro merchandiser Past Times – to name but a very mere few.   

This has highlighted the importance of ensuring that all areas of your company are operating effectively on all levels. One area you need to pay specific attention to is your transportation fleets. After all, online shopping has boomed as of late and so product distribution has increased. Moreover, you, of course, need to distribute your products to all of the select stores you sell them in.

The problem is that a lot of businesses’ fleets are not operating to an optimum level, yet they have little knowledge of this because they do not implement any method of vehicle tracking. However, fleet management systems have grown in popularity as of late, and it is very much recommended that you jump on this trend. If you fail to do so, then you may find yourself falling behind your competitors at a rate which is too fast to make up.

A vehicle tracking system presents your business with many benefits. You will be able to determine if any of your drivers are slacking – taking longer than usual to get somewhere, having more breaks then they are meant to, going to places they are not supposed to, and so on and so forth. Therefore you ensure that your employees are working to the highest level possible.

Not only this, but you can actually make sure you keep your transportation costs as low as possible. You will be able to map the quickest way of getting to the said location. In addition to this, you will be able to note whereby fuel is wasted. You can also track energy use in the likes of a Vauxhall Movano refrigerated van and other compatible refrigerated vehicles. Looking at areas such as this presents you with the opportunity to minimise your operational costs as much as possible.

In fact, a lot of fleet tracking systems available today also remind you of when a servicing is required. This is highly beneficial. It means that you will not put a vehicle in for servicing sooner than you need to – and thus that you do not spend money unnecessarily. Moreover, you can ensure you do not leave the servicing too long, and thus have a nasty repair bill on your hands. Also, you can guarantee that the vehicle in question is not out of action for longer than necessary.

By implementing a fleet tracking system you ensure that you have complete and utter control over your employees and your costs. This can provide monumental results. Moreover, this is a trend many companies are jumping on; if you don’t then you could end up lagging too far behind.

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