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Easy Digital Marketing Tips

Digital marketing, including SEO, social media, email, and content creation, is essential for the future success of your business. Digital marketing is vital for reaching a larger audience than you could through more traditional means of marketing. You can use it to engage prospects, turn prospects into leads, and convert leads into loyal customers. 

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  1. Know your customer. You need to keep up with what your customer wants and plan your marketing around that. It’s a good idea for your marketing team to spend time each month to shadow your support or sales team to find out what customers are saying and asking for. Your best ideas come directly from your customers. 
  2. Match your content to every stage of a buyer’s journey. Your content offer needs to match to a moment in the buyer’s journey. It’s not worth targeting an advert for a sales demo at someone who is only in the awareness stage of their journey. There’s also no point in offering an awareness stage offer, like a blog post, at someone who is ready to buy something. Absolute Digital Marketing can help you create content for every stage. 
  3. Don’t just write about your products or services. Your company blog shouldn’t only be about your products or services. This can quickly turn off customers who aren’t already close to making a purchase. Instead, you should put your time into learning what your target audience is interested in. Create content that aligns with these interests and what your brand offers. For example, if you’re a coffee company, create a series of blogs about morning routines. 
  4. Focus on the long-term. Don’t get distracted by short-sighted acquisition. There can be a lot of pressure on marketers to deliver leads to sales every month. If you only employ short-term tactics, you might generate attention, but you won’t get long-term success. Focus on generating demand through campaigns that are helpful and customer-focused. 
  5. Incorporate SEO into your overall content strategy. Positioning a blog as a pure thought leadership publication does have some merits, but incorporating an SEO strategy into your selection of topics and writing blogs is the best option for the long-term growth of traffic. Use SEO tools to see what people in your industry are searching for as your first step to maximize your blog’s potential. 
  6. Understand the big picture when analyzing an advertisement’s performance. When you see a bad ad, understand the bigger picture. What is the journey that someone takes to get to where they see your advert? For Google ads, somebody had to search for a keyword you chose, see your advert, have it resonate with them, click on the advert directly, and then find the landing page relevant. If you have an ad not performing well, don’t only look at the messaging. See if there’s a problem with what someone is searching for, the messaging they’re shown, and the landing page they end up on. When you see a bad ad, look at all the pieces of your campaign to find the cause.

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