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Effective Ways to Keep Your House Cool Without Using Your Air Conditioner

Living in a tropical country means you have to deal with the heat for several months, even if it is not summer. Some are lucky to afford to run their airconditioning systems to cool their home 24/7.For the rest of us who cannot do the same, whether because of budgetary constrictions or concern for the environment, here are other ways we can reduce the heat inside our homes during the warmer months:

Update Your Window

A bit of shade will save your home from the scorching heat. Ideally, a tree planted near a window can give you the relief you seek on a hot summer day. If you do not have a tree near your house, any covering that will shut out the sunlight can do the trick. You can find sources that can provide retractable awning canopy in the Philippines or wherever you live.

According to Family Handyman, up to 30% of the unwanted heat inside the house enters through the windows. Something that will prevent the sun shining through the window while also letting the cool breeze blow will significantly lower the temperature inside your home down.

Paint Your Roof a Bright Color

Darker colors absorb heat. Lighter colors reflect ultraviolet rays. A simple but effective solution to keep your home cool during the warmer months is to paint your roof a bright color. White can effectively lower down a home’s internal temperature, reducing the need to turn on the airconditioning system to keep you cool and, therefore, save you money by keeping your electricity costs down.

Unplug Electronics When Not in Use

Your appliances, such as your television and computer, generate heat when they are plugged in. So, on a hot day, it may help your home feel cooler if you turn your electronics off when not in use.

Plant Vines

Having plants outside your home can effectively cool your property through a process called transpiration. When the temperature rises, plants release excess water to the air through the leaves that cool its surrounding area.

If you want to reduce the heat inside your home, try adding vines outside your walls. Vines add an additional shade to the building and, therefore, protect your home from the heat of the sun.However, some vines can damage concrete so make sure to find the ones that will not wreck your home.

Change Your Sheets

In your bedroom, you can feel more comfortable despite the heat in the evening by changing your bedsheets. Opt for lighter, breathable fabrics such as cotton that will facilitate airflow and ventilation while you sleep.

A Bowl of Ice Can Provide a Temporary Cool Breeze

One do-it-yourself hack that does not require you to spend money but will cool the air fast inside your home involves an ingredient that you probably already have. Instead of turning on your airconditioning system, place a bowl of ice in front of an electric fan and let it give you temporary relief from the heat. The breeze from the electric fan picks up the moisture and creates a mist that effectively cools the room.

You do not have to break the bank in order to feel comfortable in your home during warmer months. These simple strategies can significantly cool your home.

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