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Engaged And Enthralled With Your Business: Customer Retention For The Novice

customer retention tips


Every company has to find its flow pretty early on in the process these days. Whether it’s a startup that needs to get its team working together effectively right away, or ensuring that the marketing aspects are fully formed and the brand is present, we’ve still got to ensure that the customer is right in our crosshairs. But what happens when a customer is unhappy? They leave. The fact is, in losing a single customer, it’s not just a detriment to our abilities to keep them on board, but it’s going to lose us money in the long run. Customer retention is a vital aspect what keeps a business thriving. So, if this is something you’re unaware of, are there any simple ways to keep a customer on board?

Reach Out To Them

While we can use ways and means to infiltrate the subconscious, maybe using an SEO agency to fine-tune our marketing capabilities, we’ve still got to keep them engaged and enthralled. This means that if we are struggling to keep them aligned with our way of thinking, we should extend the olive branch and find out why they’re not as engaged with us as they once were. In the startup environment, we can always feel like we’re working up to the wire, and reaching out of the customer can be very low on our list of priorities. But the fact is, our customer is the most important aspect, and if we don’t know what we’re doing wrong by asking them directly and getting their honest opinion, how can we improve for the better?

Reward Them

A very simple way to keep them coming back is to identify the ones you really want to hang onto, such as the VIP customers, and reward them. You can use CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software to identify the most active customers and then tempt them in with rewards. Ultimately, these customers are going to give us more profit, so we have to work harder at keeping them on board. And that doesn’t mean that the standard customer should fall by the wayside, we can still target these with special offers. Reviving their interest and establishing why they disengaged with us in the first place could result in financial issues, in which case, a special offer at a great discount can tempt them back in.

Develop With Them

The best businesses learn and grow. We can ask them for their honest feedback, but we have to show the customer that we have taken their feedback on board and are doing our best to improve. Customer retention isn’t just about keeping them on our side, but it’s about aligning their interests with our ethos. Many businesses now are ethically sound, and as there are companies that aren’t operating with a moral compass, this is one simple way to lose customers. Listen to them, and it won’t be that difficult to keep them.

Customer retention is such an integral component but we can struggle to get the balance right, especially when we are looking at developing the business in other ways. Always remember, is the customer at the focus of everything? If it’s not, it’s time to start reassessing.

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