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Extremely Successful People Look For Fulfillment In Surprising Places

Where do you look for fulfillment? If you’re like most career-minded people, it’s all about making more money and getting to higher positions in your organisation. But it turns out that extremely successful people don’t really care a great deal about these outward expressions of their success. Instead, they find it elsewhere. 

They Connect To Something Bigger Than Themselves

When all that matters to us is our own ego, our lives become full of suffering. We endlessly worry about how others have harmed us and how the world isn’t fair because we believe that it owes us something. But when you let go of the ego a little, you soon find yourself wanting to connect to something bigger than yourself.

In practice, people who are ultra-successful are often appreciative of others and what they have. They accept that suffering is a part of the human condition and learn to embrace it. Over time, they see their life in the bigger structure of things, a key prerequisite to personal and professional fulfillment

They Start By Ending Their Entitlement

Entitlement is the idea that just by virtue of existing, you have a right to the time and energy of other people. Thanks to the welfare state and taxes, our entire society is built around this notion. 

But ultra successful people don’t have a sense of entitlement. They never think to themselves “I should have had this or that.” Instead, they just find ways to use their own energies to make things happen. Yes, they can still feel angry, frustrated or nervous, but they don’t assume that those feelings are beneath them. They recognise that getting something out of life requires investing time, energy and, often, going through a little pain. 

They Go Beyond Living In The Present

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Right now, there’s a mantra going around that we should all “live in the present.” And, to some degree, it’s good advice. Way too many people waste their time mulling over negative things that happened in the past or fretting about the future. But as human beings, just living in the present seems like a tremendous waste of our abilities. Practically any animal on Earth can live in the present. But as people, we can be so much more. 

Living as a successful person requires living in a blissful state all the time, whether you are thinking about the past or future or anything else. The more you can enter this state, the more you can create plans for the future and fulfill your potential, without negative feelings, like anxiety, grinding you down. 

They Seek Out Challenges

The purpose of a challenge for the successful person isn’t just to do something difficult. Instead, it’s to push yourself beyond your usual boundaries so that you can grow. 

Think about the last time you really challenged yourself in your personal or professional life. The chances are that you made some mistakes. But out of the ashes, you grew and developed as a person. Now when you take on the same challenges, they aren’t as difficult. 

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