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Finding a Job That Ticks Your Boxes

Finding a Job That Ticks Your Boxes

The vast majority of us have to work full time to get by. Whether that’s putting a roof over our own head and feeding ourselves, or providing for an entire family, you’re going to need some sort of income to live a good quality of life. Of course, the past year and a half or so has made many of us reassess our priorities when it comes to our work life. The coronavirus and Covid-19 pandemic has left many jobless, many industries dysfunctional and unreliable, and others furloughed for long enough periods to realise the work they were doing simply doesn’t meet their needs or suit their preferences. It’s not all too surprising that many of us are seeking new career paths or roles in a bid for a happier and better day to day life. Now, there’s no one ideal job out there, as everyone’s personalities, characters, lifestyle and responsibilities and preferences differ. So, what can you do to find that job that ticks all of your boxes? Here are some areas of focus for you!


Let’s start with a major factor in job hunting – salary. You’re going to have to find a position that pays you enough to meet your lifestyle. A good way to determine what salary you require is to create a budget. Pull together all of your monthly essential outgoings, such as rent or mortgage payments, food payments, car payments, phone payments, internet payments and more. Then consider how much disposable income you’d like each month to be able to pay debts, save or spend on things you enjoy. This figure will tell you what salary you should be looking for.

Working Hours

What hours would you like to work? Many people work a standard nine to five, but there are positions that offer alternative hours out there too. Perhaps a night shift would better fit your responsibilities and schedule. Maybe you’d like to work early in the morning through to the afternoon and have more time available in the evenings. Maybe you’d like to start later and finish later.

Where Do You Want to Work?

Another question to ask yourself is where you want to work. Are you willing to travel? It’s worth using a mileage expense checker to determine how much driving to different roles would cost. You should consider whether you’ll need to pay parking too. Right now, more people are seeking remote positions, after seeing the perks of remote working during the pandemic. Some like to travel further afield, attending conferences and meetings or getting out of the house and into the office.

Are You Willing to Train?

Some jobs will require specific qualifications or training. Are you willing to undertake this work – potentially unpaid – to be able to get your CV up to scratch? Or would you rather walk into a position that you’re already sufficiently qualified for?

These are just a few starting blocks to work from when finding a new job. Hopefully, they’ll pave the way to a position that suits you down to a tee!

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