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How to Apply For a Job: The Keys for a Job Search

Job search and job application processes can be confusing for many. In this article, you will find answers to questions such as what kind of steps you should take in the job application process, how this process has been traditionally and what can the applicants do to enhance their chances.

How to Apply for a Job?

In the past, acquaintances and the network created through internships played the biggest role in the job search. Now apart from this, we see many of the companies putting up ads when there is an open position. Network and acquaintances or experiences gained through internships still play an important role. A very basic quality of human nature lies behind the importance of acquaintance relationships; we give more trust to people we know. As you know, working together requires trust, and so we see these relationships playing an important role in the job search.

Returning to the main issue, let’s look at the steps to follow in a job search in which there aren’t acquaintances and references in between.
  1. I suggest you first honestly evaluate your strongest aspects in a quiet and calm environment before randomly applying to the ads you see. Are you better at communicating with people or analysing complicated data properly? Do you work more efficiently when alone or in a team environment? Discover your strengths and weaknesses, and what kinds of environment brings out your true potential.
  2. If you think you don’t know yourself enough and you cannot face your strengths and weaknesses on your own; this is most probably due to your lack of experience. But you don’t have to be working at a paying job to gain experience. Do more projects with your friends, join volunteering activities, work freelance from home. In short, you can discover yourself by “doing more” rather than sitting around idly.
  3. Prepare a very strong CV for yourself. An ideal CV displays your past accomplishments and professional profile. If you don’t have enough experience yet, try to make up for this by honestly stating your areas of interest, curiosities and passions.
  4. Make a list of the business fields and companies you are going to apply to. Have first and second preferences. Aim at applying initially to your first, then your second priorities.
  5. Follow a) own websites of the companies you will apply to, b) LinkedIn ads, and c) ads in websites like monster.com to make job applications. Additionally some companies announce their open positions in channels like Facebook and Twitter. Follow your goal companies not to miss out on these. If you want to work at Microsoft, for example, follow its official and local accounts and social media channels.
  6. Use the “Google Alarm” for jobs you are looking for. With this feature, you will be automatically notified of the ads that include the keywords you determine.
  7. You will need to create profiles in platforms like monster.com to apply for the ads. Fill all the information they ask for in full; use a clear and clean language; and avoid punctuation mistakes.
You need to discover your skills before making a job application, not look far ahead.

Remember! The language of you CV represents you as much as your work experience. Don’t expect to get positive answers with a CV written with a poor language and punctuation mistakes. Here are some tips for preparing your CV.

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