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How to Attract the Top Talent

attract top talent

How to Attract the Top Talent: Image source

Many sectors are currently suffering from shortages in some key skilled roles. This can make it hard not just to find suitable candidates, but to retain them for any serious length of time. What should you do to attract the best talent to your business? Unfortunately, there is no single answer to the question, but there are many best practices you can put in place to help. Below are some of our top tips to help you.

Create an Office Culture They’ll Love

Top employees want to be productive. They are top for a reason. When you’re taking on new employees they will know how to get the best out of themselves more than you, so providing them with the freedom to work in ways that suit them will be appealing. Build-in as much flexibility as you can and avoid anything regimented.

Get Their Feedback on Wider Company Issues

Asking for someone’s opinion on a wide range of issues tells them that their opinion matters to you. This, along with the other perks, helps to let them know they are valued.

Offer Benefits that are Long Term

Surveys have shown that there are some benefits that can attract top talent more than high salaries. Mercedes-Benz company cars are a primes example. To have a car luxurious as this, can make them feel very special. From the point of view of the company, the CO2 emissions are low which helps to keep the cost of the road tax down, and their fuel economy will make them even more cost-effective.

Flexible working hours are another benefit that helps as it allows employees to find a better work/life balance. Company pension schemes and private healthcare are also popular benefits that can help to attract the top talent.

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Make The Prospects Known

Let them know that if they work hard for your business it will not go unnoticed and if promotion opportunities arise they may well be considered. Employees with drive will want to move up the ladder and the prospect of being able to do so will motivate them to be very productive.

Give Them Freedom

If you know that your best employees work best when left to their own devices, leave them to get on with the job without constantly interfering. This will show that you have trust in them and that goes a long way towards job satisfaction.

Be Fair To Everyone

There is more to being a good boss that treating your employees well. You need to treat everyone fairly and equally too, as that helps to keep their motivation high which makes it a more enjoyable environment to be in. Regardless of which surveys or research you look at the one thing they all agree on is that happy workers are more productive and fairness and equality will help you to achieve this goal.

If All Else Fails

When you are trying to attract and keep top talent in your business you could use the tips from above which are all tried and tested.  If that does not work though you really only have one option left and that is to offer them more money.

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