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How to Deal With Damp In Your Office

How to Deal With Damp In Your Office

Every manager wants their workplace to be a place of inspiration, whether at home or the office. Making the office comfortable and safe will make this possible, but some issues prevent this. One major problem is damp because it’s more than just a bit of moisture.

The Danger of a Damp Office Space 

You are already aware that damp and mould can affect your health as mould spores can get into your lungs, which can lead to respiratory problems. Besides this, damp can make the office smell funky and feel cold. This is no way to cultivate a productive office space, so if you notice any damp, you must deal with it as quickly as possible. 

How to Deal With Damp in Your Office 

There are steps you can take to prevent dampness issues. These solutions can prevent it entirely or reduce the issue until you’re able to solve the problem for good. If you have found damp spots and mould in your office, consider these actions. 

Improve Ventilation 

Damp can occur when there is not enough ventilation in a space. Open windows and other ventilation systems allow the moisture particles to escape, so they will not collect on windowsills, especially during the winter. 

Most modern buildings are equipped with efficient ventilation, but this is not the same with older buildings. If you live or work in an old building, you must be extra vigilant to ensure you do not get a damp problem. Open the windows when you get to the office and leave them for an hour. This approach can be tricky in winter, but it is better than experiencing mould. 


Dehumidifiers are an excellent solution, especially if you do not have enough windows (or windows that are large enough). They are also ideal during colder months, as you don’t have to feel the chill with the windows open. 

You can find small dehumidifiers at any supermarket or hardware shop. If your damp issue is more substantial, a commercial dehumidifier could be the answer. Find out the best place to put your dehumidifier to ensure it draws as much moisture from the air as possible. 

Quick Repairs 

You do not want to leave damp repairs for too long, as it can be difficult to tell how much of it has penetrated the plasterboard and even the brick. These issues can put the building at risk and cause rot among other problems, affecting the structural integrity. 

Get in touch with a damp expert and plasterers as soon as you notice there is an issue. It should be easy to identify where the damp is at its worst, as the wallpaper or paint will be much darker than in ordinary areas. It may also be wet to the touch, which is a sign that the problem is ongoing. 

Drying Out 

Damp can be difficult to manage, and you may not realise there is an issue until it’s too late. Knowing how to deal with damp when it occurs will make your office a safer and healthier place, allowing you and your team to thrive. 

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