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How To Embrace The Personalization Movement


How To Embrace The Personalization Movement: Image by Muhammad Ribkhan from Pixabay 

Today every customer and every person wants a personalized experience. They like it when you know their name, what their seat preference is, what things they might like to buy, and how they might like to buy them. Customers want you to know them, to understand their history. So, that they can have the best experience with you possible, seamless experience with no issues. As other companies are getting on board with personalization, you need to too otherwise your customers will go elsewhere. 

For example, 88% of U.S. marketers reported seeing measurable improvements due to personalization — with more than half reporting a lift greater than 10%. Personalized content is becoming the norm. Also, this is evidenced by the fact that  78% of CMOs believe custom content is the future of marketing.

To deliver personalization to your customers and clients at scale requires a combination of the right data and the right technology. To generate the highest performance and most significant benefit, marketers must recognize and reach the right consumers across their devices; they must build individualized and anonymized profiles that are enriched with each brand interaction over time; make data-informed decisions about the best message to deliver and measure the impact of those efforts across all channels. With this approach, marketers can tailor each brand interaction and optimally speak to their consumers at precisely the right moment–which will ultimately move the needle on their business.

Marketing Personalization

There are many different degrees of marketing personalization including email and social media personalization which means that when customers have identified themselves to a company and told them their preferences and then will be sent information and ads based on that. Then there is campaign personalization, geographical personalization, account, and related content personalization. 

To make sure that you are on the right track, you could look into Account Based Marketing (ABM) which is focused on real-time, and is a highly targeted and hyper-personalized marketing technique. It treats every customer as a focused market on their own and improves customer relationships exponentially. You need to make sure that you are creating memorable customer experiences using the power of digital technology to deliver solutions that put the customer first.

Try to move away from a standardized use of technology and make unique products and services targeted. You could even consider harnessing the power of cognitive and AI to create hyper-personalized experiences. Focus on turning your customers into loyal and regular customers; you can do this by driving cross-sell. You can also win customer trust by delivering high quality and ensuring reliability. Introduce new products and services to the market faster by leveraging the power of next-generation technologies and apply the power of technology as this will drive cost optimization and enable organizations to do more with less.

Ultimately in your business, you want to keep your customers happy and serve them well. To do this, you need to continuously build customer trust, improve their understanding, and rethink customer engagement. Lastly, you’ll want to offer innovative customer experiences if you’re going to truly evolve in today’s era of hyper-personalization.

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