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How To Go About Relocating Your Business

things to consider while relocating

There are many reasons for a business needing to relocate; the end of a lease, the need for more space, or simply a better location has become available. However, moving a business is complicated, more so than moving home due to having to stop business, let people know you’re moving, and also ensuring that your staff members will be able to make it to your new location. So, to make your business relocation easier, whatever your reason, here’s some tips on how to go about relocating your business.

Photo by ELEVATE from Pexels

Announce your move on social media

You need to get the word out about your relocation quickly, and what better way to do it than by using social media to announce your move. It’s likely that customers and interested parties already follow you on social media, so this would be the fastest and most efficient way of doing it. However, you should also be placing signs in your windows, putting notices in local newspapers, and also using your email list to let people know of your up and coming plans.

Hire storage space

The one thing that might prove to be difficult is finding a place for all of your equipment, machinery, and any stock that you have left once you’ve closed your business for relocation. In most cases, you may be able to simply move everything to your new location. However, sometimes this isn’t the case and you’ll need to move your things quickly. Consider hiring storage space to save yourself the worry. Magenta storage offer secured storage facilities that will ensure that all of your business essentials are safe while you deal with everything else.

Consider outsourcing

Stopping business for any amount of time can have a lasting damaging effect on any business, and that’s why it’s important to avoid closing up shop for too long. However, it’s understandable that you may be left in a bit of pickle because you have nowhere to currently work. Consider outsourcing as much as possible so that at least all of the important administrative tasks can be carried out, and when you do reopen it will be more like a weekend closure rather than a business relocation.

Allow your staff to work remotely

If your business doesn’t necessarily need people on site to run properly then it might be worth considering allowing your staff to work remotely, even if it’s only temporary. For example, if you run a call centre, allow your staff to take their phones home and redirect calls to their home numbers so that you can still continue business while you’re setting up your new office. You may find that remote working is a great way of giving your staff flexibility with their work lives.

Relocating a business isn’t easy, but if you use these clever techniques, you’ll find that the move isn’t as stressful as you may have imagined. Good luck with this new chapter in your business!

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