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How to Make the Right Career Choice: Design Your Own Career

What is Career School? A Guide for Career Choices!

Career School is sort of a social enterprise I made to enable people to make better and higher quality choices when making a career choices at the beginning or the middle of their careers. It consists of videos I publish through YouTube because videos reach more people than writing in this age. Every video gives information on a topic on career choices, enables though development, brings awareness, makes one think and guides one to other sources.

Career School Videos for Career Choices

It is called “Career School” as it involves careers. What we call a career is actually our attempt to find jobs that match our skills and strengths. Apart from this, we of course want a good career to look shiny when our CV is viewed from the outside to increase our employability. It also includes school because school means learning.

Many people think school is over once they are out of university. But there’s a chance for development everywhere with education. We need to see the career struggle and business life like this. There are rights and wrongs to everything; efficient and inefficient ways of doing anything; lists of does and not-does. This is exactly the case when it comes to careers.

Surprise news: “Career School” is becoming a book soon.

Its subtitle will probably be “A Guide for Finding the Right Job and Surviving in Corporate Life”. Maybe it’s already a book while you’re reading this article. If so, a little Google search will solve the issue J

But at this point, let me invite you to YouTube to start the Career School.


Career School series is a work I created mainly to guide people who are facing career choices. People who are fresh graduates, experienced in business life but thinking of taking a new business step, or even those with tens of years of experience who think of renewal and a new career route should follow it.

In summary: The main purpose of the Career School series is to help you increase your career success by watching videos. It is to help you build a business life that fits you better, makes you feel better and that you’re doing more useful work, or even maybe that you’re freer.

I sincerely wish everyone to gain something from it.

Reminder: The biggest thank you is to share the videos and help spread them.

With love. .

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