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How To Make Your Small Business More Approachable

Running a small business has its ups and downs, but one great thing about it is getting to know your customer base. The advantage of a small business is that you can add that personal touch, really getting involved in your community, and helping to build the brand you love with their support.

For a new small business, however, being approachable can be tricky. Once you become popular, it is much easier to attract new customers – but in the beginning, customers are often cautious, and tend to stick with the brands they already know.

In this blog, we’ll get up close and personal with some ways to make your brand more approachable for new customers!

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Have professional photographs taken that reflect your approachable nature.

Professional photography is a fantastic way of making your brand seem more approachable. You can hire a lifestyle photographer to photograph your space, your products, your staff and yourself! The shots should be candid and casual, with bright, natural lighting and an easygoing tone. 

Professional photographs make your business seem much more approachable to those who don’t already know you, and showcases what you have to offer in a wholesome, genuine way. 

You could post these photographs on social media, use them as the background for your website, or even have them converted into flyers to distribute in the local area! Small businesses stand out by bringing something new to the table, so ensure your photographs truly reflect the unique characteristics of your company.

Host an event.

Hosting a party is a great way to make new friends, and hosting a business event is a great way to meet new customers! Inviting new faces into your venue for free tasters and a little introduction to your company will always help expand your customer base.

Especially if your business is brand new, a launch event is the ideal setting to show off who you really are. Your potential new customers will show up for the freebies that have piqued their interest – but they’ll stay for the good vibes and approachable energy you exude.

Your event should comply with social distancing guidelines and encourage mask wearing, if you host it during or in the aftermath of coronavirus. You could even host an online event if you aren’t able to hold one in person.

Invest in wholesome signage. 

Nothing says “approachable” like a wholesome aesthetic that welcomes people in. One crucial part of running your small business is making people aware of what you have to offer, while simultaneously contributing to the overall colour scheme and “vibe” of the place.

Investing in wholesome signage for your brand will encourage new customers to venture closer to check out what you have to offer. In addition, your place will be much more “Instagrammable” – which can never hurt!

Making your business more approachable doesn’t need to be a headache – nor does it need to be a highly expensive enterprise. Follow these three simple steps and you will find that your small business is welcoming new faces each and every day! 

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