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How To Reward Your Employees, And Why You Should

rewarding employees

Without your employees, your business simply wouldn’t be at the place that it is at right now. They commit 40+ hours a week to developing your brand with you, and there is nothing quite like the determination and drive of motivated staff members, who care about your business and what they can do to improve it. Sure, you reward them by paying their wages, but sometimes it’s a good thing to give a little extra, and we’ve noted down how you can do that here. The more you appreciate them, the more your company will succeed!

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Arrange employee meals

Have your team made it out of the other side of the most stressful month for your business, and did they do a really good job at it? If your employees have worked hard for you, endured stress and high intensity workloads, and secured you a lot of profits, you should arrange a meal at a local restaurant, and pay for it out of the business pot. If you don’t show your appreciation in the hard times, they won’t be likely to stick out that difficult month next year.

Put on end of year parties

We all know the ‘office party’ pretty well by now, and unfortunately it usually looks something like this: Alan from accounts has drank a bottle of free wine, and now everybody is listening to his divorce stories in a rundown pub. However, you can (and should) take the office party to the next level, and put on the event in a better space. You can hire exhibition gantry equipment to put up a stage and lighting rigs, and you could host something exciting like a mock awards ceremony for your team.

Give them bonuses

This is one of the things that most bosses aren’t particularly good at, but if you get a big profit this year compared to the years that have passed, why not give your staff members bonuses to thank them. It won’t make a big difference to your accounts, but it will mean a lot to them, and people will want to work for your business if you adopt this kind of attitude. If they helped you to achieve the profit, they should get a share!

Have birthdays as paid holiday

Aah, birthdays. How fun they are, and how miserable you can sometimes feel commuting to work when you really want to be relaxing and, you know, celebrating the day that you were born. As a business owner, you can give your employees this day off, and help to turn them into little kids again, just waiting for that birthday to come around. It is only one day, and it will mean a lot to your team if you do something like this.

So, it is important to reward your employees for many reasons, one of which is that they will give back to you tenfold what you give to them. It will do your business a favour, make your team happier and healthier, and will keep your staff turnover to a minimum, so why not try out these simple tips, and reward your employees today?

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