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Improve Efficiency In Your Workplace With These 5 Tips

Making your company as efficient as possible can take some time to perfect. Not to mention you need the right employees and tools to help them improve how they work.

When it comes to efficiency, you need to ensure that standards are still being met and corners aren’t being cut to avoid losing quality to get more done each day. Working efficiently means being able to complete everything promptly without letting standards slip.

To improve efficiency in the workplace, this post looks at some of the top ways this is achieved.

The right tech

You can kiss efficiency goodbye if you don’t have the right tech to allow your employees to get the job done. The fact is that if your staff are ill-equipped for the job at hand using outdated tech and poor infrastructure, they won’t be able to do the job well. It is that simple.

Ensure the tech you have is up to date with industry standards. And is supported by IT Support to reduce downtime, increase workflows and stay secure at all times, allowing your team to collaborate when needed, find the right information easily and do their job to the best of their abilities.


Successful delegating is being able to assign tasks to your workforce and know they will be completed. This requires a more in-depth knowledge of how each works and what skills they have. If you don’t know and randomly delegate tasks, it can end in disaster. So be confident in your team and utilise their skill set to serve the company best.

Communication is key

Did you know that reading and replying to emails can take up to 28% of the working day? Being able to effectively communicate to reduce wasted time on emails or calls and meetings that waste is vital.

Be clear in your directions and change how you interact with your staff. Choose social media networking apps such as Slack to help you communicate quicker and easier. Cut long meetings and endless back and forth of emails to quick chats or telephone calls.

One thing at a time

Overloading your employees or giving them too many tasks to handle in one day won’t magically make them more efficient. Instead, it will lead to lower staff morale, more mistakes, and a backlog that pushes the rest of your week out of sync.

Instead, set goals and a realistic workload and allow them to complete one thing at a time. If you are effectively delegating, you can reassign tasks to different staff members to allow others to concentrate on bigger tasks.


If employees are confident they know the job they are hired to do and can do it according to company standards, they will be able to work more efficiently. They can bypass asking for help and support, thus allowing them to complete tasks quicker and colleagues too as they will have fewer interruptions. Always ensure each staff member is trained and as you bring in new rules and ways of working, then retrain everyone so they can be confident in their job. 

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