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Covering London’s Best Startups with Founder Interviews – startupsoflondon.com

startups of london

CommonWisdom’s new project, Startups of London focuses on the best startups and scaleups that are located in London with interviews. The central goal of this project is to create high quality video, audio and written content, with the aesthetics of a short documentary about the innovators, risk takers and boundary pushers of London. Entrepreneurs, founders, their teams, their cultures, their office space. All of these are at the forefront of the story we set out to tell.

Watch our launch teaser.

We set out to work on this project for a number of reasons. At the core of these reasons, is the frustration we have felt when researching about the startups of London. Europe’s number one startup capital: There is “okay” content if what you are looking for is subjective lists. These lists by companies trying to rise in SEO that use names like “best startups of London” or “top startup companies to work for in London”. On another category, you get lists and databases from companies like Crunchbase (which we think are very valuable by the way) that don’t address the need to take a look, get a feel of¬†and understand the culture and people behind these startups.

The Core Value Proposition of Startups of London

Startups of London increases the visibility of growing startups in the eyes of investors, users, customers, talent and in the London Startup Ecosystem. Moreover, we think what startups overcome and accomplish is nothing short of awesome… But, 9 out of 10 times, they don’t get the attention they deserve. That’s mostly because running a startup means founders and the teams are too busy to create the narratives and tell their story.

What We Actually Do: Interviews

Our first step is to pick the startups with great traction and growth potential. We then produce a 15 to 20-minute long video documentary. It includes key metrics, a tour of your office and interviews with the founder(s). We publish the long version of the interviews as a podcast and write a long-form editorial about you to bring it all together.

All these are published through Startups of London’s Youtube and podcast channels (Spotify & iTunes): Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter and our website. Additionally, the links to all the social media of Startups of London can be found here.

Read More about “Our Why”

So, here’s a short excerpt from the About Page of Startups of London. Take a look at the full version on the site.

“We are here to tell the stories of London based startups. We want to help their growth by giving them more visibility in the eyes of investors, users, talents, mentors, consultants and entrepreneurs.

Our core belief is that startups really are the change engines of the world today.

From ecological crises to political ones; from how we misuse technology to our need to belong and feel cared in the digital age, we are not short of problems to solve. We see startups as the peak of human ingenuity. They allow us to tackle much bigger problems than we individually can. They rely on collaboration, inspiration, problem-solving and most important of all, relentless learning.”

Want to be featured in our interviews?

If you want your startup to be covered, you can apply here.

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