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Just One More Reason Your Office Needs A Reception Area

The majority of articles about the benefits of a reception area are from the perspective of your clients. That makes sense. After all, they’re the reason you may be considering a space like this. Having a reception area where clients can sit adds a layer of professionalism. It also ensures you impress from the moment they set foot in your office.

But, what if we were to tell you that your employees could also benefit from an addition like this? If your client’s needs didn’t convince you, this should be more than enough to see you taking action. After all, keeping both clients and employees happy is all any business owner could want. That’s why we’re going to look at just how this can benefit employees. Keep reading to find out how much better your company culture could be with a space like this.

Lightening the load

An office reception area can lighten the load on the members of your team. By having a staffed reception desk, you ensure that no one needs to keep an eye on the door while they’re working. That alone will make a massive difference to the way your team operates. You’ll find straight away that this reduction of workload can both increase office efficiency and improve morale. When every member of staff can complete their work without continual interruptions, the quality of work is sure to improve. That could see you pulling far more profit for little more than the price of a reception desk and one extra salary. When you consider it like that, this looks a lot like a no-brainer.

Buying everyone time

When you don’t have a reception area, the arrival of a client can be a stressful time. Employees will need to rush what they’re doing so that they can greet clients as soon as possible. You don’t need us to tell you that’s not conducive for good work. But, a reception area means that no one ever has to rush their tasks. By investing in a decent seating area using chairs like those you can read more about here, your team will be able to finish their work well, easy in the knowledge that a client is comfortable and cared for. That can help to both avoid silly mistakes and reduce stress levels.

Getting clients in the right headspace

When a client walks straight into a busy office environment, it doesn’t exactly get them in the buying mood. That means your team will have a hard job convincing them to part with their cash. By comparison, a relaxing reception area can go a long way here. Your receptionist can provide hot drinks. You could even play music into the space. As you can see here, this a method which is often used to get customers buying. By the time a member of your team comes along, then, they’ll find it takes a much softer sale to seal this deal. All because you finally came around to a reception area.

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