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Maintaining Employee Morale During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has been tough on business owners, but it’s been equally tough on their employees. If you are getting things back on track and bringing employees back to work, it’s likely that you will notice a big difference in morale. Everybody has been through a difficult time and many people are anxious about coming back to work, so it’s even more important that you take steps to keep people’s spirits up. These are some of the best ways to improve employee morale during COVID-19.

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Make The Work Environment Safe 

One of the reasons that morale is low is that people are anxious about their safety in the workplace. When people are worried about their safety, it’s hard for them to remain positive and work productively. It’s vital that you take steps to protect the office and keep everybody safe as the pandemic continues. Try to limit the number of people in the office as much as possible by maintaining remote work practices, and always keep up with a good hygiene routine. When people feel safer and they are confident that you as an employer, are invested in their health, they will feel a lot more positive about being at work. 

Encourage Self Care 

If you want your employees to be happy and healthy, you need to encourage self care. Consider allowing people more days off and if people are not using their annual leave, encourage them to take a break. You should also give staff gifts that encourage people to relax and unwind when they are not at work. Throughout the whole process of bringing people back into work, you should have regular one-on-one sessions with employees to ask how they are getting on and whether they have any issues with their current workload. 

Keep People In The Loop 

Things are very uncertain right now and a lot of businesses are struggling. It’s likely that your employees are concerned about their job security and they are probably wondering how the business is doing. If you keep your cards close to your chest, your team will spend all of their time worrying about the future and it’s tough for them to stay motivated. That’s why it’s important to keep people in the loop. Be honest about the health of the business and the challenges that you face. If there is potential for job losses, you should be open about this. Even though you think you are protecting your employees by not telling them, it only makes things harder if it comes out of the blue and they have no time to prepare. 

Be Flexible 

Flexibility is so important right now because everybody’s life has been turned upside down. If people need to continue working from home on certain days or they need to adjust their hours slightly, you should allow them to do this. This shows your employees that you care about them and you are willing to work with them to make things easier for them during a difficult time. 

Morale is likely to be low at the moment, but as long as you always put your employees first, you can all get through this together. 

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