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Making The Most Of Your Downtime

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Making The Most Of Your Downtime: Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay 

No matter how successful you are or how hard you work, you need to remember that you are human and not a robot. But, even robots need to switch off every now and again and to continue being successful, you certainly need to have some downtime. Without decent breaks and rest you will not be able to continue to stay focussed and in reality downtime is just as crucial to success as working hard is, however, do make sure you are using your downtime productively as it can make all the difference.

Be Around The Right People

Don’t waste your time with negative people or people who drain you. Spend time with friends who energize and encourage you, and whom you do the same for. Make time for spending with family too, and do activities together that everyone enjoys, whether it’s board games, family dinner time, playing football or talking about the books you read. The stronger your family relationships are, the more support you will have around you, which is essential in business. 

Do Things You Love

While spending quality time with your family and friends is essential, you also need to have quality time with yourself too.

Do things that mean something to you and you alone, things that you love to do, whether it’s going out and walking or fishing. Spending time with yourself is great for your brain. 

Learn New (non-work) Skills

Is there something you would love to be able to do that has nothing to do with your career? Could it be learning a new language or learning to dance? Perhaps you would like to take a photography course? Choose to do something you love because you don’t want any added stress, but you should never stop learning, as it’s so good for your brain!

Get Away

Go on holiday. Whether that’s somewhere hot and lying around a pool and reading books, going to do an activity like skiing or getting a caravan and just having a change of scenery. They do say a change is as good as a rest, and if you invest in a caravan, then this means you could have a perfect little getaway whenever you need it. If you find the ideal caravan, but you have to move it to the perfect spot, then there are freight transport companies who can help you. Having a caravan or a second home also helps with the family time that is ever so important. 

Exercise Your Mind

Having an active and healthy mind is critical to a healthy, happy life and career. Around 80 percent of successful people say they spend time reading quality material every day. Try self-improvement books, trusted news sources, and high-quality blogs.

Have  A Break From Screens

Fight the urge to look at your screen every thirty seconds because too much screen time is terrible for your rest. Studies have shown that too much screen time can have a damaging effect on your brain’s ability to exercise cognitive functions. It makes it harder to make decisions, process emotions, and control impulses. 

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