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Making Your Workplace More Secure

Office People

Everyone should feel safe and secure at work. It sounds like a basic principle, but some workplaces might not be as secure as they could be. From maintaining online security to personal safety, there are several measures you can put in place to make sure your employees feel safe and happy when they’re at work.

Take a look at some of the following suggestions for making your workplace more secure.

Image Credit: Unsplash under Creative Commons

Put an ID system in place

While having an ID card is common for a lot of offices, it’s not a system that’s commonly used by smaller businesses. Having ID cards can mean that employees need to swipe in and out of workspaces, and can provide an extra security check for people entering the building. They can also be useful for wireless printing systems and so on. You can cards printed easily from the ID Card Centre, as well as other accessories you need to secure your business. An ID system makes good business sense, so make sure you invest in one for your company.

Get serious about IT security

It’s not just physical security you need to worry about in your business, IT security is just as important, and your employees could quite easily cause a breach without the right awareness or training. Opening an innocent-looking phishing email or downloading something without the right virus protection in place can bring your systems down easily, while also risking your company and customers’ data. In light of GDPR, you should be taking more active steps to protect data within your business. Make sure you take the right steps to improve cybersecurity in your workplace so that both online and offline safety is taken into consideration.

Don’t ignore basic health and safety

Health and safety is an important aspect of any workplace. Having the right policies in place will help you to protect your staff, as well as make sure they’ve had the right amount of training to do their jobs safely. From making sure that fire drills are carried out regularly to providing manual handling, first aid and other training, you can ensure your workplace maintains a pristine safety record.

Deter Opportunist Theft

Let’s face it: many thefts from business premises occur due to opportunity. For instance, lacklustre security locks on external doors, broken windows, and little to no access control systems are some of the leading examples.

There are several ways you can deter opportunist thieves from striking your premises. One way is by having an electrician install exterior security lighting with motion detection sensors to illuminate areas where thieves could break into your building without getting noticed.

Another is by getting security cameras fitted. The good news is you can get battery-operated cameras that work via Wi-Fi or mobile data connections for locations where there is no electricity.

Reduce stress in the office

Stress is one of the biggest things that can impact your workplace. You might not realise it. But stress can lead to errors, as well as absences that can cost a business a lot of money. Focusing on your employees’ wellbeing and taking steps to reduce stress in the office will make your workplace a more productive, happier place to be. So, that will help you get the best from everyone.

Creating a workplace that is safe and secure will help everyone feel happier at work. As part of creating a more productive, positive workplace, it’s important that you get the basics right. Remember to check in on your employees and make sure that they are aware of all of the rules and regulations to stay safe in the workplace. Negligence can destroy a business, so don’t let it happen to yours.

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