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Managing Hygiene Within Your Business

Managing Hygiene Within Your Business

Running a business means managing all sorts of areas that you may never have even taken into account before. Hygiene and cleanliness tend to be one of these areas. Sure, it might not be the most fun element of operations, but it is essential for the ongoing wellbeing and health of your employees. Here are some steps to take that will help you to maintain hygiene in your business as best possible.

Hire Cleaners

The first port of call for maintaining the cleanliness of your commercial premises is hiring professional cleaners. These individuals will be able to ensure that all spaces are clean between working days. They arrive once your staff leave and will carry out tasks ranging from wiping down desks, vacuuming floors, emptying bins, cleaning the toilets and more. Use reliable cleaners with a good track record of positive reviews and happy clients.

Encourage Positive Employee Behaviour

Your employees should maintain their own spaces to a reasonable standard. Make sure that desks aren’t cluttered and that employees are taking lunches and other food from the fridge between shifts. This will prevent old or mouldy food from building up. You should also discourage staff from leaving dried foods in their desks, as this could result in a pest problem.

Use Property Management Services

There are plenty of property management services out there that will keep an eye on the elements of your business that you could easily forget yourself. They will be able to organise grounds maintenance, window cleaning, concrete open drainage channels from JKH Ltd, repairs such as electrical or plumbing work and everything else your commercial space needs to keep ticking over properly and responsibly.

Provide Bins

Make sure that there are plenty of bins throughout your workplace where employees can place waste as and when they want to dispose of it. Of course, it’s a good idea where possible to make sure you also offer options for recycling. This can help your company to be more green.

Organise Waste Collection

Of course, the bins don’t get rid of their contents themselves. Instead, you’re going to need to make sure that you have professionally organised and compliant waste collection in place. Waste collection services can visit your business on a set rota, picking up waste that you have produced. The amount of waste will depend on what you do. If you are a small, office based business with small amounts of paper based waste and waste from employees’ lunches, you won’t need anything heavy duty. However, if you are a manufacturing specialist based in a factory, chances are, you’ll have a lot more waste to collect. When choosing a waste collection service, make sure to make it clear what is being collected. Some materials or objects require special collection, such as needles, hazardous waste and more.

Hopefully, these simple steps will help you to manage hygiene within your small business and keep the space presentable, safe and productive.

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