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Managing Your Business’ Workload

Managing Your Business' Workload

When you start your own business, you find yourself overrun with work. You have countless things to do in order to get things up and running. From finalising your product or service ideas to bringing your products and services to life and presenting them in a way that customers will actually exchange their hard earned money for. During this time, many business owners will take on the bulk of the workload themselves. There are often two key reasons for this. The first is that it keeps costs down. Most new startups have limited budgets and completing most of the work yourself can reduce outgoings in pay and salaries. The second is to maintain control over your projects. As your business is getting started, you’re going to want to keep an eye on everything that’s going on surrounding it. But as time goes on, you start making sales and demand increases, you’re going to have to accept some help when it comes to managing the business’ workload. Here are some suggestions that can help you with this.


The first option that the majority of small business owners turn to is outsourcing. When you outsource work, you hand it over to a third party, who will complete it on your behalf within a set period of time for an agreed fee. Most often, this third party will be an agency, a freelancer or a small business that deals with outsourced projects. You can outsource almost any type of work nowadays. You can hand web design over to a web design agency. You can use a freelance copywriter for your written projects. You can use PlanMan for specialist project management. The list goes on. Now, there are a number of perks that come hand in hand with outsourcing in particular. The main one is that you don’t have to hire anyone. You’re not taking these individuals on as employees. This means you don’t have contracts that tie you into set salaries and other perks such as annual leave, sick pay, parental leave and more. Instead, these individuals work on an ad-hoc basis and you can use them for one-off projects or ongoing projects where you can reduce the amount you ask of them as and when you need. Outsourcing work also means you don’t have to buy expensive equipment or machinery for work to be completed. Instead, the third party will supply this themselves. This is particularly beneficial in processes like manufacturing, where you would otherwise have to hire factory or warehouse space, buy costly machinery and trained staff to complete the work.


Another option you have available, which most business owners turn to once their business is stable and demand is consistent, is recruiting. When you recruit staff, you hire employees on a full or part time basis. As briefly outlined above, you will agree to pay them a set amount of money on an ongoing basis. You also have to provide their equipment, workspace and benefits such as annual leave. The perks of hiring staff is that you have a dedicated team on board who are solely focused on your business and its success. You can also bring lots of practices in-house, significantly reducing cost in the long run. Remember that agencies charge enough to pay the individuals and run the business alongside this, which means charging more than it would cost you to do the work directly and in-house yourself.

These are just the basics of workload management, but each will help you to drive success within your business’ operations!

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