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Passing The Time During Quarantine

By now, we are all continuing to become accustomed to the COVID-19 crisis. No matter where you live in the world, you are bound to have been affected by this global pandemic which has caused so much suffering this year. You might have been affected in your career, your home life, your physical or mental health, or your ability to travel and see the world as you planned. It seemed, this summer, that things were getting better – pubs reopened, the streets came alive again, and for a moment it felt like things were at peace. However, as winter approaches, the number of COVID-19 cases is rising once again, and many are predicting a re-enforcement of lockdown across the UK. 

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Even if we don’t end up back in lockdown, many people are being forced to isolate due to contracting the novel coronavirus, or being contacted by the track and trace system which tells them they’ve been in contact with someone who has. Isolation is becoming a part of our life now; we have just got to make the best of it. 

With that in mind, here are a couple of great ways to pass the time during the quarantine. If we end up in a winter lockdown, you might find that you can make use of the time spent indoors.

1 – Learning a Language

Many of us have been unable to travel this year – so bring your favourite countries to you! Using online language courses and apps, you can get the basics of a brand new language, expanding your mind, and making use of time stuck at home. Having a second language doesn’t just help you when you go on holiday; speaking multiple languages also makes you more appealing to potential employers too!

2 – Joining An Online Book Club

If you love to read but find it a bit too solitary for lockdown, why not combine your reading and social skills with an online book club? Book clubs are usually conducted in person, but thanks to Zoom and other video chat functions, you can do them online. There are plenty of online book clubs around, and this will help you branch out, make new friends and have great discussions with fellow bookworms. 

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3 – Adopting A Shelter Dog

Okay, this one’s more of a major life decision than joining a book club or learning French. But shelter dog adoptions have shot up this year, simply because people have had more time on their hands to rehabilitate a dog into their lives. If you have already been considering getting a dog, instead of paying a few thousand pounds for a puppy, why not contact a shelter and see if there are any pups who need homes? In addition to being a good deed, shelter pups are often hardier and more used to the ups and downs of life than a brand new purebred. 

Lockdowns suck, there’s no two ways about it. But if we use our time wisely, hopefully we can emerge into the new world with an increased gratitude and zest for life. 

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