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Proactive Steps To Ensure Businesses Are More Eco-Friendly


Climate change is edging ever closer to the top of the priority list and political agendas. It is starting to gain authority the world over and there has been a huge onus on individuals of late to improve their day to day habits with a view to reducing the impact their actions have on the environment. It is not just individuals though who are being called upon to develop an environmentally conscious mentality. Businesses are now also expected to be doing their bit to protect the environment and instal eco-friendly practices. Here are some proactive steps businesses can take to become more environmentally conscious. 

Sustainability Culture

Installing practices that enable eco-friendly ethics is one thing but to actively effect change the core of the company needs to champion a sustainability culture. It is no longer becoming enough to add a recycling bin in the office or encourage people to cycle to work. The impact needs to be felt in every aspect of daily life, both personally and professionally for change to be lived and not just spoken about. For example, companies can implement training procedures where eco-friendly practices are at the forefront of decision making both in the workplace and at home. Companies can also make employees aware of company efforts in the short, long and medium-term to ensure they are playing their part to ensure sustainability; Leading by example and encouraging their employees to do the same. If your business can champion a culture of sustainability in all of its practices and that message is in front of the workforce day in day out its effect will start to get through. 

Legislative impact and importantly, guidance.

The law is starting to play catch up with the need for environmental change and one such area this can be seen is the requirement for environmental reporting. Certain larger businesses have to comply with environmental reporting requirements. They are required to report on their global energy use and disclose UK annual energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. Environmental reporting can be onerous and the implications of getting it wrong grave. Professional advice is always recommended if your company is liable to environmental reporting.  The thought process behind introducing mandatory environment reporting is to enable businesses to consider their impact on wide-ranging sustainability issues. By being more transparent it paves the way for better decision making processes with sustainability at its core and can build and maintain trust and awareness. This requirement isn’t however legally binding for all businesses and companies but rather it is guidance for some. This environmental guidance is not restricted to just environmental reporting. Rather, there is a whole host of guidance and suggested practices available for companies to follow to ensure sustainability and environmentally friendly best practices. If your company is truly trying to bring about environmental change consider whether any of the guidance is applicable to it. Would the environment be better served if your company followed and undertook all the governmental and organisational guidance when it comes to environmental matters? It is proactive steps like this that will help to reduce or undo the negative impact the human way of life has had on the environment for hundreds of years. 

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