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Productivity 101: Here are 5 Ways Your Health Can Impact Your Job Performance

Work is essential to every individual because it provides an income and meaningful focus in life. However, poor health is among the causes of low productivity in workplaces and impacts economies around the globe negatively. On the other hand, part of the reason top-performing employees get a lot of work done is because of the emphasis placed by companies on their well-being. Therefore, good health is vital for business continuity. The following are ways in which your health can impact your job performance.


When you’re in good health, you feel highly motivated to perform in your job. On the other hand, poor health lowers morale. Also, when employees know they are unprotected at the workplace from hazards, their morale lowers, ultimately reducing productivity. Therefore, managers should ensure employees know they have adequate protection and their grievances regarding health matters are heard to boost their morale.

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Time wastage

When employees are injured on the job, valuable time and resources are wasted in the workplace. For example, a company spends a lot of time and money tending to court cases regarding workers’ compensation settlements. The employees also perform less when they waste time in recovery that would have been used to perform at their job. After weeks or months of being away, employees have to try and catch up, ultimately affecting their performance. Similarly, when senior employees like managers take leave due to illness or injury, the performance of those working under them lowers as they take time to adjust.

Delays due to absenteeism

Business projects run on deadlines for them to be profitable. When those working on a project fall ill, some delays ultimately reduce its profitability. Customers appreciate it when you meet critical deadlines, become loyal, and possibly refer your business to relatives and friends. As such, it is essential to ensure your staff members remain in good health to prevent absenteeism and make them available for projects until their completion.

Poor reputation

Poor health causes stress, irritability, and a bad mood among employees. When customers receive poor reception from the staff, your business’s reputation falls at stake. Similarly, when customers experience delays due to absent employees, your organization’s reputation is affected. Unfortunately, many employees are unaware of their poor health. The organization’s responsibility is to eliminate the possibility of acquiring a poor reputation due to stressed employees. Communicate regularly to employees about their health and ensure a professional they can talk to when going through stressful moments.

Poor/effective customer service

When you’re in good health, your morale is at its peak, and you find yourself in high spirits at work, even when serving customers. However, when you’re in poor health, you experience many stressors at work that make you irritable. Customers pick up on your mood fast; when they feel neglected and turned away, it becomes challenging to convince them to return to your business.

For a business to be successful, employers need to look into the health matters of their employees. Good health in the workplace is essential for employees to perform and be productive in their respective roles. Therefore, employers should perform a risk assessment to prevent accidents and encourage their employees to stay in good health.

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