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Reducing Stress in Your Workplace

workplace stress

Workplace stress is a massive problem in today’s society. People are working longer hours. Many of them have a second job or a side hustle in an attempt to make more money to support their families. Everyone seems to be pushing for the next promotion or a pay rise. Very few staff simply enjoy doing their jobs. It’s also thought that staff today feel guilty about phoning in sick and try to work through illness as they worry about the consequences, for themselves and their workmates.

This stress can cause problems. Your team will never be able to give their best if they are working while stressed out and unhappy. Their mood can quickly rub off on the rest of your workforce, and the stress can spread. They might become unhappy and start looking for work elsewhere, leading to low levels of staff retention. They might even end up having to take time off sick because their stress level has started to affect their physical and mental health. And of course, it won’t stop at work. High levels of stress can affect their home lives as well as their spirits in the workplace.

Finding ways to reduce workplace stress can be hugely beneficial, and it’s certainly worth taking the time to do. Here are some ideas to help.

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Deal with Payroll Issues

Your staff should never have to worry about getting paid. If they work, they should be paid for it, in a timely and efficient manner, at the same time every week or month. If you are having any payroll issues, consider Cloudpay as a fast and stress-free alternative to your current systems.

Reduce Conflict

It would be naive to assume that everyone in an office or workplace would get on with everyone else all of the time. It’s never going to happen. Even the best of friends have the occasional conflict. But how you deal with it can make a difference. Don’t allow conflict to take over and bring down staff morale. If there’s an issue, deal with it quickly and effectively.

Be Flexible

One big worry many modern staff have is how they are going to work around their other commitments and responsibilities. Parents, in particular, feel stressed out when trying to arrange childcare around work. This can be made worse when their children are ill or have appointments of their own. Allow your staff as much flexibility as you can, without hurting your business. Try to understand their needs and come up with a fair way to give everyone the flexibility that they need, always remembering that everyone’s needs are different.

Create a Positive Atmosphere

Try to create a positive and calming atmosphere. You’ll do this by easing conflict, but that’s not the only way. Keeping the space light, maximising the natural light, adding plants and bright paintings and letting fresh air in can improve the atmosphere. But, so can allowing your staff to take regular breaks, and encouraging team bonding with out of work activities.

Let Them Take Time Off

Your staff should never be worried about ringing in sick. If they need time off, don’t make them feel bad about it, support them, and make them feel like you care more about them and their health than your profit margins.

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