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Retail Design Tips To Boost Your Sales

Retail Design Tips To Boost Your Sales

The pandemic might have put your retail store on hold for a while, but smart retailers have used the time to make changes to their sales floors, and others carried out total transformations. These changes were important because your sales floor is a living entity that needs frequent change. When your displays stay the same, and product adjacencies don’t move, customers will get bored and will shop somewhere else. You can’t afford to let that happen in your store. It doesn’t matter what you sell. These tips can be used for any shop.

Get Your Window Displays Right

Potential customers should be able to take in your window displays in eight seconds or less. Your displays need to capture the eye and hold the attention of passers-by so they know what you sell and are enticed in. 

Well-designed signage from a Reputable Sign Maker will be a good start. Intricate displays with lots of parts are hard to set up, and the details can be missed by shoppers. Instead, use props and larger products that can be taken in quicker. Vinyl lettering can highlight what you sell. You could also replace window displays with photo graphics if you have an awkward window space. 

Make The Right First Impression In 10 Seconds Or Less

Stand just inside the front door of your store and look around. In the first ten seconds of being inside your shop, shoppers are making several judgements about what they see. They are considering whether they just grab what they need, linger to browse or try somewhere else. You want your sales floor to look good and enticing from just inside the door. Check the view on a regular basis to make sure you’re giving a good impression. 

Think About Store Decor

Choose the right colours and textures. To get it right, consider whether all the design elements that you have chosen work together. Does the paint colour you’ve chosen work well with your flooring? Are you representing your brand? 

Colour affects people in different ways and some colours will encourage people to linger, whereas others encourage them to leave. Primary colours should be neutrals, and then you can use bold accent colours as secondary colours in your decor. 

Use your primary colours in 80 per cent of your store’s decor to create a relaxed atmosphere for customers to shop in and make your merchandise stand out. Secondary colours are accents that are used to grab attention. 

Check Sight Lines

While you are checking the impression made from the front of your shop, check the sightlines of the shop as well. You want shippers to be able to see into and through the sales floor when they arrive. Take out any tall fixtures that are near or at the front of the store that blocks the view of the products behind them. You can make your displays really visible by putting shorter fixtures at the front and taller fixtures towards the back of the shop. The more that a shopper can see, the more they are likely to buy.

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