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Safety and Compliance in The Workplace

Safety and Compliance in The Workplace: Image source Pixabay

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in. Safety and compliance will be something that you have to adhere to provide a safe environment for your employees. If you are an employee, it is also essential to be aware of the rights you have. Not only but also, to feel comfortable and protected when performing your job. 

Companies will have to comply with specific regulations that are relevant to their industry. Employees must do whatever is reasonably practicable to ensure the health and wellbeing of their employees. Employees have a fundamental right to refuse any unsafe work. Also, the right to participate in workplace health and safety activities. Lastly, the right to know about all the hazards in the workplace. 

These health and safety rights are the basis of health and safety at work. However, your specific industry will have its requirements in addition to the basic ones. Machinery safety in the U.K is driven by heavy regulation. It is required to place Machinery on the market in the U.K and within the EU. 

Safety: Worker Welfare + Machinery 

If you work in a manufacturing or machinery and equipment agency, you will need to ensure the welfare of your workers. But also the Machinery and equipment that you produce. EMC testing (ElectroMagnetic Compatibility). It is designed to ensure that your electrical device doesn’t produce a large quantity of electromagnetic interference in the form of radiation or conducted emissions. In addition to that, ensure that it continues to work while exposed to other electromagnetic devices. You can choose an air purifying respirator for your employees in order to keep them safe from any toxins in the air that can damage their health. 

Being well versed when it comes to employee rights, is crucial for both employer and employee. The three fundamental employee rights when it comes to safety and compliance in the workplace are listed below. 

First: The Right to Participate

Employees have the right to participate in keeping the workplace safe. It can be by getting actively involved with health and safety activities. It means, they should be able to take part in the selection of health and safety representatives. They should feel comfortable reporting hazards of breaches of health and safety to the employer without fear of negative consequences. All in all, employees have to able to decide what hazards can be mitigated or avoided altogether in the workplace.

Second: The Right to Know

Knowledge is power. This means, having the appropriate level of knowledge for a role. Without the correct training, information, and supervision, workplace accidents increase. You have to provide training before individuals attempt any activity that carries any risk with it. Additionally, you have to make your employees aware of the most common hazards in the workplace. Last but not least, the risk factors involved with any activity they are expected to undertake. 

Third: The Right to Refuse

All in all, an employee has the absolute right to refuse any activity that they feel is unsafe for themselves or their coworkers. Additionally, an employer should never have to choose between their safety and their job. Lastly, this right to refuse protects the individual from having to place themselves in any danger. No matter how small the risk involved. 

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