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Seafaring Folk: Career Option For Wave Riders

cruiseship career

If land is just too boring, the seas will shake you about. Some people are just more prone to doing things less conventional and that’s fine if you can find your purpose. In fact you’d be quite lucky to find a career that totally fits your personality by it’s own nature which is what people all over the world are trying to do. Finding a career that fits you like a glove is going to require a lot of searching on your part but rest assured it is out there. For those that would like to ride the waves and just out at sea then there are quite a few career paths out there for you. It all depends on the kind of role you want as some are going to require different mindsets and physical ability. If you would like to be surrounded by many other people and working as part of a team you could go the commercial route. However if you would like to be part of a small team giving an unorthodox service then you may want to go down the private route. On the other hand you may want to be someone who creates the fun for tourists and guests of all kinds, for that too there are jobs.

Cruise ships ahoy

The biggest industry for those that would like to travel while working is of course the cruising industry. These giant ships that weight hundreds of thousands of tonnes, are great places to work if you enjoy the open ocean. The thing is though, you can do many kinds of jobs and they don’t have to be involved in the leisure and tourism industry. It really does matter what kind of job you want. You can be part of the health and safety team but you need to take several advanced courses in emergency medical care and perhaps even psychological training. This is in case something awful happens regarding the integrity of the ship and you need to calm people down and direct them to follow your orders. Indeed there are more sailing specific jobs such as navigator, bridge crewmen and jobs such as officers, captains and commanders. These however require a nautical knowledge which will be undertaken at specific universities and private companies.

Going sailing around

If you would just like to be part of a small crew that is helpful to privately owned boats then you should search for a role on Crew Board. Here you can find jobs that pertain to waiting staff that will keep the party going by serving drinks and food. On the other hand you may want to be the captain of the boat which again requires you to be educated in the nautical professions. If being a tour guide for the yacht is something you would like to be first you can apply for a tour guide job with a travel agency and gain some experience working around coastal towns and cities. The more you know about the shore and what is to be seen and experienced closer to land then the more you can achieve the further you go out. Most of the time yachts will be booked by wealthy clients that are throwing a private party and others will be companies giving tours to tourists of the local area. These kinds of tours are quite popular in places like Thailand where there are many rock formations, caves and crevices that yachts can easily pass through.

Sailing your way

You can set up your own business if you would work in the oceans and seas. Tourists that would like to explore the coast of a sea town can book jet skis and power boats but also, small sailboats. For those that want something more romantic and slower-paced, a sailboat is the best option for their adventure. You can apply to learn how to sail at lots of different companies that offer training courses. Just like any business asset you can use loans to fund your first boat, and begin sailing tourists around making quite good money. It all depends on your work ethic and how much you would like to grow. If you can market your tours well, and use social media and possibly work with the local travel agencies you can begin to growth a healthy business.

Being your own boss is everyone’s dream, and a sailboat business that offer tourists intimate looks at the coastal scenery is one way to begin. Working on cruise ships is a very popular job for those that want to be off at sea for their profession, but various training is required.

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