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Simple Steps For A Stylish Home Office


Is your home office currently looking a little drab and lifeless? Then it’s sure to have a negative impact on your productivity! You need an office space that can fill you with joy and motivation, not dread and disappointment, so there’s no time like the present to create a stylish, contemporary study in which you can really thrive. Fortunately this guide contains a whole host of different tips, tricks and ideas that you can make the most of to upgrade your home office so that you can thrive in your remote working efforts today, so what are you waiting for?

Pick A Palette 

Picking the perfect colour palette for your home office space is half of the battle, as you need to avoid empty white walls, sleep-inducing darker shades and distracting tones like red that can stop you from working to your full potential. Your colour palette should be one that promotes concentration and productivity, such as tones like green, blue or yellow, but you mustn’t go overboard. Use simple coloured features in the form of a rug, artwork, a pillow on your office chair, or even a printed mouse mat! Don’t use more than one or two colours in your home office if you want to keep it stylish, as you risk making the space look mismatched and jumbled. 

Upgrade Your Desk

Your desk can either meet your needs or cause nothing but problems, as you need to find the most suitable desk for your unique requirements. You might need a height adjustable desk that can be changed to suit different tasks (standing or seated), or perhaps you would even prefer an easel-capable desk that can also slant upwards for more accessibility for tasks like drawing or sketching. A good desk is one that is large enough to accommodate every tool, device, piece of paper and decor item that you could ever need or use in an average day, as this will aid organization and ensure you can keep your work in order. When it comes to style, consider the overall theme of your home office before you make a final decision. It is light, airy and modern? If so, take a white plastic or metal desk. Is it more traditional and homely? Then a wooden desk is likely more suitable! 

Revamp Your PC

Another area that can benefit from a little improvement is your PC, especially if it’s old and has subsequently seen better days. Upgrading to a new model or even simply revamping the casing and buying new ISO keycaps will transform your aesthetic while also helping to improve your productivity levels at the same time, so it’s a win-win. You can even add a case or sticker onto your laptop if you want to make it as unique as can be, from funky patterns to picture perfect landscapes.  

Creating the most stylish home office has never been so simple when you can follow some of the creative steps detailed above. If you can fall back in love with your home office then you’ll be more than happy to spend the day there, so what are you waiting for?

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