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Smart Strategies to Give Your Business A Competitive Advantage Online

With over 4.6 billion people actively using the digital space, it’s little surprise that millions of companies are seeking ways to use it to make their brands visible. Although the internet makes it possible for companies to reach out to a vast number of potential customers, there is no guarantee that your online presence alone will have any effect. That is especially true considering the number of businesses ‘clamouring’ for the attention of online users. It would be best to have something more; some strategies to give your business a competitive advantage over others. So, how can you create that competitive advantage? Here are a few tips.

1-Analyse your competitors

One way to gain a competitive advantage over your competitors is by analysing them. Pay attention to any substitute products or services they offer and their results. Next, look for ways to improve on what they have. You can gain a lot of (if not all) the information you need about your competitors by exploring their websites. You can also hire the service of a brand strategy agency to help you develop new business packages and cultivate new ideas that will set your business apart. Also, look for any possible loopholes in their businesses concerning customer satisfaction and find ways to avoid them in your business. 

2-Display reviews and feedback

Feedback and reviews are vital when it comes to improving the quality of your products and services. Always encourage your customers to leave feedback after each successful transaction. Your company will rely on this info to help shape your products and services to meet your customer base’s changing needs. Beyond that, reviews also suggest to potential clients that you take their opinions seriously, which boosts your brand image. So, not only should you encourage reviews and feedback, but also ensure that you display them on your websites and other online platforms. Also, take the time to respond to each query or enquiry with as much professionalism as you can muster.

3-Create happy customers and advocates

Your business, just like any other, makes promises to its audience to satisfy one need or another. Your ability to manage your business and deliver on your promises to your customer will help create a raving fan base full of advocates for your company. This in turn feeds into the good, old word of mouth advertising. 

Information spreads like wildfire on the internet. One positive tweet, status update, and video can be enough to get a significant portion of the digital space rooting for you. In the same way, one negative online status from an unsatisfied client can pull the rugs under your feet.

4-Display your expertise

Besides advertising directly on online platforms, you can also write blogs to demonstrate your expertise and knowledge in your field – an indirect form of advertising. Take the time to write and publish regular blog articles across all your online platforms to address the concerns of your customers and target audience. This not only helps you to engage with your target audience, but also makes your business look more credible and trustworthy online. 

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