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Four Ways to Optimise Your Workflow Through Effective Use of Office Software

Four Ways To Optimise Your Workflow Through Effective Use Of Office Software

If you’ve ever used programs like Office or Google Docs then you’ll probably know that they’re essential to the operation of a business as an office software. Documents, spreadsheets and presentations are basic formats that we use to communicate ideas and data with others, hence why office productivity software is so important to our daily workflow.

So in this article, we’re going to help you with four effective tips that will boost your workflow speed and help you get things done faster and more easily with your office productivity software.

1. Make use of collaborative tools

Tools like Google Docs and Office 365 have collaborative tools that allow multiple people to edit the same document and make their own copies automatically.

2. Use commenting features on word documents

Commenting features are excellent for highlighting blocks of text and giving notes to the editor of the document. This is a much faster way to communicate ideas than speaking in person or emailing.

3. Keep regular backups of your files

If you’re not keeping regular backups of your files then you’re going to run into a lot of issues in the future should a hard drive fail or a file be overwritten or modified by accident. Most modern office productivity suites automatically store backups, but it’s still vital to understand how the system works.

4. Optimise the format of your spreadsheets

Spreadsheets are more than just cells to enter values. They can contain formulas and perform a lot of different functions if you know how to use them effectively. Below, we’ve included an infographic on how you can optimise your spreadsheets for usability.

Four Ways to Optimise Your Workflow Through Effective Use of Office Software

Infographic Design by https://www.stl-training.co.uk/

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