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Startups of London


Wondering how startups are taken to get off the ground or do you have a startup idea but don’t know how to get started? Startups of London will help you! Perhaps you are already a founder of a startup and are looking for business partners but have difficulty finding what you are looking for. First of all, I invite you to watch this teaser of Startups of London. Go ahead!

What do you think are the main curiosity points about a startup? I think the things that can’t be found with a simple Google search. For example, seeing the fact sheet and having an idea first, then visiting the office, seeing the company culture and of course meeting with its founder or founders. How much is it possible to do all these things? Of course, it is not possible to do this individually. However, there is a site that does this and even goes beyond expectations and offers all this in short videos or podcasts of your choice.

Startups of London is a site that provides information on all the things and fits it in about 20-minute episodes without having to go to Startup paradise London and without having to arrange all these difficult meetings.

JobLab – Bridge Between the Education and Employment

Their choice for the first-ever episode was “Joblab”. About their value as a business to their users and customers, Aidan Cramer -the founder of JobLab- says this:

“The value we add, that kind of stems from the problem that we are trying to solve. We fundamentally believe as a business there is a disconnect between the end of formal education and the start of employment. We don’t believe that the young people are being prepared for the world of work effectively and therefore they are ending up careers that are not fulfil their potential. Our job is kind of to build a bridge between education and employment and we do that at the moment through a market place a talent discovery platform that gives employers the ability to find and hire talents for their roles.”

So how do they do that?

With the talent discovery platform, they created. As you know, there are many platforms, and Ozan (the founder of StartupsofLondon and the program host who have done the interview) asks Aidan’s priorities when they ask what they do differently. He says that they have created a platform for presenting 35,000 candidates to employers in writing or with videos. A market environment where new graduates meet employers. Not only that, the candidates can also make money in Jablab token format with any data they enter or videos they uploaded. So, they get a faster reply from their employers.

What were the challenges they faced until this point? Four years ago, when Aidan was a new graduate, they decided to build it while they were in a state of obscurity, and when they saw the supply of new graduates from startups, especially SaaS companies, they achieved a full product-market fit.

When it comes to the best and worst things about having your startup in London, he says that it is hard that have a lot of competitors, but it also has great benefits of being able to meet users easily. Abut the tech tools which they use are; Gsuit, Google Drive, Airtable, Notion, Slack, and Trailo.

Watch the full video here to learn about their growth story and learn more about how they plan to move forward.

SeedLegals – Startups Made Easy

Their choice for the second episode was a totally different specialized area startup “SeedLegals”. Here is the founder and CEO Anthony Rose. The idea of ​​Seedlegals was born after he had been worried about the money he had given to lawyers in his legal processes as someone who had already successfully exit two of his startups before.

Anthony points out a significantly important point that every startup idea is different, but the legal procedures are the same. He also said that the benefits of having a co-founder who has different ideas can balance you. His co-founder is Constantinos Nikolaidis.

Need for Creativity

The first thing that comes to mind for those who intend to join them for their startup is their endless need for creativity. They explain that all kinds of creative thoughts of people who think differently from everyone because they are doing something that has not been done before. The people they seek to join are divided into three main sections: software developers, lawyers who do not want to work for a law firm, and of course the sales and marketing team.

Anthony sees Intercom as one of the most important tools they use because it is a completely customer-oriented system that enables prompt questions to be answered and addresses the convenience of both customer satisfaction and lead generation.

Anthony’s recent plans include make easier the legal processes without boundaries and to show those who want to invest in countries they don’t know, or who want to start a company there, in the easiest way and in English. Look here to meet this visionary and endless creative mind founder and his startup.

Don’t Forget

Don’t forget to visit Startups of London. They are adding new startups every week. Whether you want to find new business partners, open your horizons, or just to get ideas, watch it!

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