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Surefire Ways to Make Your Start Up Stand Out

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We all want to be thought of as a bit ‘unique’ if we’re honest – don’t we? And not just another face in the crowd…

In business, that couldn’t be any more important – because your brand needs to stand out if you want to succeed.  It’s great to have a passion for the product, service or trade that you deal in. But you want to make sure your target customer base feels likewise.

Offer something unique

Ok, so you know you’re special – but do your customers?  Have you properly thought about what makes your brand stand out?  How is it different from what your competitors are offering? Or could you provide your service or product for people differently? 

Or do things differently

If there are other small businesses in your area offering anything similar, what could you tweak or add to make a unique selling point?  Perhaps, if you run a small restaurant or café, you could launch mid-morning brunches for parents or discounted early evening meals for elders, deals for families, live music, maybe even special themed nights? 

Whatever it is, identify it, and then get your message out there. It’s the best way to make sure you outshine your competitors.


Communicate effectively

So then you have to make sure your customers find out about this and to do that you have to communicate effectively. What you need is a strong, clear message and for that to reach the right people. So think about:

  • Who your customer is
  • What they want
  • How you can help them achieve that 
  • How you’ll tell them

Develop a strong brand identity

Take time to develop your brand identity and then communicate it through as many channels as possible. Think of a memorable strapline, for example, and get it out there in front of your ‘people’. You don’t need a huge budget to achieve that, social media promotion is free and effective – if you do it the right way.  

Time to bring in the experts

But you do need to keep one step ahead of the competition? So, there are times it’s worth bringing in expert support.  If your budget allows it, invest in hiring an animation production company, for example. You’ll be sure then to have a fresh, exciting brand message that clicks in your audience’s minds and it’s a really key trend that opens up all kinds of traffic sources, boosting your SEO rankings at the same time.

As we said, it’s about identifying your market – their needs and requirements and what chimes nest with them.  But make sure it’s memorable. You do that but getting your message across clearly and in as engaging way as you possibly can.


In conclusion

We hope we’ve provided some valuable insight into how to get ahead of the competition and make your company stand out with a few simple steps, and by following these essential tips, you really can help your business succeed.

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