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The Importance of Understanding Your Worth At Work

It can be easy to feel as though you are overlooked at work. Whether that means you are underestimated or that your male colleagues are given opportunities that should have been offered to you – it can be incredibly frustrating to deal with. Unfortunately, this kind of situation is all too common – and real, systematic change needs to occur sooner rather than later in helping elevate women within the workplace – ensuring that their voices are heard and their contributions appropriately compensated. 

However, it goes without saying that widespread change can be frustratingly hard to enact. It often has to begin with small acts that eventually build up over time. Therefore, one way in which you can enact change in your own work-life is by knowing your worth – and helping others realise and acknowledge that also.

With that in mind, here are some different ways to begin to understand your worth and demand the respect from others you deserve. 

Make sure that your payment makes the cut.

When you are first starting out in a position, it may be that you start on a salary that is on the lower end, with the expectation that it will grow over time. However, you must ensure that you are getting paid the same amount that you would be offered if you took on a similar position elsewhere. A quick google can usually bring up the average salary in certain industries. If you are being offered anything below this – or feel as though you deserve more – don’t be afraid to negotiate before signing a contract. You deserve to be paid well for the work that you do and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Speaking up at the right time could help you to successfully boost your career earnings.  

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Focus on developing your confidence.

The key to understanding your worth in the workplace often lies in confidence in your own abilities and skills. Take a look over the work that you have completed, and recognise just how impressive it is. Speak kindly to yourself about your achievements and how far you have come. If you struggle with this, consider talking to a career coach who can help bolster your confidence and prepare you for any workplace challenges, including a career change. Furthermore, another way in which you can focus on developing your confidence is by listening to self-improvement podcasts.

Let your voice be heard.

Sometimes, at a meeting, you may feel as though it is hard for you to get a word in. With so many people speaking at once, it’s important that you assert yourself and ensure that others listen to exactly what you are saying. If someone interrupts you, politely let them know that you haven’t finished speaking instead of simply allowing it to pass you by. While some may think that this demonstrates arrogance – it’s actually the opposite – you are showcasing assertiveness and demanding that you receive the respect you deserve. Wherever possible, move away from language that could be perceived as hesitant – trust in your own work and know that what you are saying is correct. 

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