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The Inspiring Personal Story of Kounteq.com’s Founder (Interview #2 with Mo)

Startup Sessions Podcast

Mohamedali Walji, the founder of Kounteq.com is a guest on Startup Sessions for the second time. (Listen to the first podcast here.)This time, he tells his personal story of grit, determination, resilience and overcoming hardship to build a successful startup in London.

We have talked about;
-Making it in London
-Overcoming adversity
-Gaining strength from what life throws at you
-Quality of life
-Challenges of Entrepreneurship
-Building a startup in B2B (business to business) or B2C (business to consumer) domains
-Finding a problem to solve
-And maybe most importantly, appreciation of what you have.

lifegoals #grit #resillience #adaptation

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