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Top 3 Things Needed To Work From Home

Top 3 Things Needed To Work From Home

Due to Covid-19 a lot of people began working from home. You might be one of those people shielding or working from home. A lot of businesses have decided to keep working from home as an option as they realised it saves them money and is indeed a possibility. 

So if you are working from home what are some of the things needed to help you get through work. 

Place To Work

First and foremost you will need a place to work. This needs to have room for a desk, chair, and any paperwork you need to store. It is not wise to work anywhere you spend a lot of time, for example, your living room or bedroom. Your home office should ideally be somewhere you can shut yourself off from when the day is over. This may be a spare bedroom or garden office. It can be lovely working away from the house as there are fewer distractions and you can get closer to nature. 

Take a look at using something like a purpose built shed in the garden. Sheds offer you the peace and quiet needed to complete your work. A great place to focus and increase your productivity. 

No Distractions

Working from home you are inevitably faced with distractions from all angles. For example, you could have the postman knocking while you are on a call. Another problem, if you are working from home, is noise from kids and other family members. This can’t be helped as houses are generally noisy places. 

When you are working you should inform your family members so distractions are kept to a minimum. Get a sign for when you are working which states you should not be disturbed. It happens to the best of us, take the interviews that happened on TV during lockdown. The man’s children ran into the room where he was being interviewed. Occupational hazard when working from home, unfortunately. 

You should also keep phone activity to a minimum. Have it on do not disturb mode while you are working. The slightest ping or vibrate could completely throw you off. 

Good Internet

Good internet is a must when working from home. You need to have fast speeds so your laptop or computer doesn’t slow you down. There is nothing worse than being on a roll and then the internet preventing you from getting any further. If need be you should think about changing your internet provider. Perhaps ask your neighbours or other people on your street what internet they use and how they find it. This will give you the positives and negatives of all companies available. 

Faster speeds will also mean the children are kept happy should they have games consoles. Their games and films will download a lot faster if you change your internet provider. It’s a win win, you get peace and quiet to work and they get their games. 

We hope you found this article helpful. Good luck working from home, may your distractions be kept to a minimum.

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