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Transition Tips from Remote Work to Back to the Office in 2021

Although working from home for the majority of the last year has been challenging, it is time to start transitioning back to the office for many of us in 2021. Once the holidays and the New Year are past us, little by little most industries will be going back to the office. With the rollout of vaccines, many businesses are feeling comfortable with returning to a bit of normalcy. However, many transition tips that can help this change progress smoothly. Follow the tips below for your business and team who are all adjusting from remote work to back to the office in 2021.

Make Sure Health is #1 Priority

You would think after 2020 we would all be putting our health as a priority, but we all need to be reminded. Stress that there will be ample PPE at the office. There will be a daily or weekly deep cleaning. Additionally, there will be no reprimand for someone opting for staying home with any symptoms of sickness. Health is your greatest wealth whether you are talking about your business, family, or society.

Start Off Slowly

Like with any change, it is hard to jump in with both feet first. Test the waters first. Perhaps you ask your team members to come to the office once or twice a week. Many are still balancing the work and at-home schooling for their kids. This gives families the flexibility to find childcare or adjust schedules.

Hire Vendors that Can Help You Succeed

With a year of remote work, businesses have realized that customers and partners can be anywhere in the world. However, sometimes time zones and languages barriers are large hurdles. An alarm clock and some caffeine can help with the time zones, but what about different languages. One tip for businesses looking to succeed and work in other global markets is hiring a professional telephone translation service.  Although the quarantine of 2020 may have sparked goals of learning another language, you don’t want to waste a business opportunity because of a bad translation.

Revisit Remote vs Office Depending of Your Location and Business Goals

Many companies across the world have agreed to work remotely until the end of 2020 or even until the summer of 2021. However, each location and business is a bit different. Even if you go back little by little, don’t be afraid to amend the plan based on your team, customers, business goals, and community. You can’t expect a London business to be the same as a Miami business. 

It will be a transition ringing in the New Year. 2020 was challenging, but 2021 will present its obstacles as well. We will all need to get used to dressing for work again. No more meetings in shorts and t-shirts. Also, we will need to be flexible with our colleagues that are trying to balance their kids’ education as well as working in an office. However, by following the outlined transition tips, you, your team members, and business should be able to ease the stress. 

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