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Ways To Brighten Your Office

great office

Office Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

It’s been proven that having a bright environment to work in is directly linked to producing better quality and higher quantity of work. If you’re a manager and you’re looking for ways to improve the mood in your office, then here are some ideas on how you can do precisely that, without too much effort. Have you ever worked in a windowless environment, with very few interesting things to look at? It can be a bit demoralising, so this information may be useful to you.


As well as being life-giving and producing or two for us. Plants and flowers are actually very visually appealing to most humans. If you have a room with bare walls and plain colours around you, then a few plants here and there will actually improve the environment in a significant way. There are services available that will actually hire the plants out, maintain them, and feed them for you. This takes away all the effort and stress of trying to keep the plants alive. Many staff members in the past have reported feeling happier at work when there are plants available to look at.


Having beautiful pieces of art on the walls is the dream when it comes to decorating an office. You can really transform a space with some great artwork that has either been personally created for the office or purchased from a professional artist. This professional artwork on the walls really sets the tone, and may even show staff and customers exactly how much you care about their comfort and enjoyment of the space. An art advisor can find out exactly what you need, speak to you about preferences, and source the perfect artwork for your offices. Having a team able to see some bright colours as they work will improve the overall mood in the office.


Natural lighting is, of course, the gold standard for any office space, and people do argue over who gets to sit close the window quite often. But if an office is bright and has plenty of light for all staff, then you should find fewer disagreements. Having broken lights or blinds that don’t work, will be a distraction from work at hand, You don’t need to spend a fortune on this but just making sure everything is consistent and fair for your staff will go along way.


Brightening your office doesn’t necessarily mean visuals, music is a guaranteed mood-boosting, and motivating tool to use in any office setting, of course, if you are speaking to customers by phone you will need to take that into consideration, however, there are many offices that play music for the staff at all times. Not only does this create a sense that the business is welcoming and jolly, but it also has a positive effect on your team members brain.

Showing that you care enough to keep your office environment bright and light shows that you care about your staff. Creating an office that is bright, airy, and a pleasure to work in. Will no doubt reduce any sickness and problems within your team.

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