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What Conservation Means for Different Types of People

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What Conservation Means for Different Types of People: Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/nyL-rzwP-Mk (CC0)

When people mention conservation, they’re usually talking about the environment. It’s one of the reasons why so many people are going to extra lengths to reduce their impact on the environment. From getting rid of cars to switching diets, there are countless ways to help conserve the environment.

But it does beg the question; why do people go to such lengths to do it? For most people, conservation is all about protecting the environment for future generations. However, conservation can mean a lot of things to different people and it depends on what they value.

Conserving the environment

Conservation is important for a number of different reasons. It protects the planet for future generations, it gives wildlife a chance to thrive and it also promotes biodiversity. But depending on what someone cares about, they might not participate in certain environmentally-friendly lifestyle choices. For example, someone that doesn’t have a connection with nature can’t be expected to care much about biodiversity or wildlife. However, if they have children, then they’ll likely care about safeguarding the earth to protect its natural beauty and prevent climate change from ruining the planet for future generations.

Protecting the planet and all life on it is one form of conservation. But what about other forms? What do other people value and want to protect?

Conserving history

History is another area of life where people strive to conserve. It’s on a smaller scale than something grand such as protecting the earth, but it can be considered equally as important as it’s a memory of life in the past. This is why there are companies that specialize in historic building conservation and groups that spend years digging for archaeological proof of our ancestors and their actions. Conserving history allows us to remember what happened in the past, and this can be valuable for a number of reasons.

Learning about our history from websites like Genealogy Bank allows us to remember our past mistakes and move humanity towards a better future. It also allows us to better understand other cultures and origins. We can look back at many historic moments and see why things turned out the way they did. However, without people to conserve historic monuments and artefacts, it’s virtually impossible to find tangible proof of years gone by. Although we have photographs and digital storage these days, it can’t help us reveal history from hundreds of years ago.

Conserving the internet

Archival projects such as Archive.org are crucial for helping us remember the internet in its earlier days. As a creation that has helped spread and create millions of books, movies, software, music, websites and more, we’re lucky to have the technology needed to conserve the internet’s history.

While it might seem insignificant, conserving the history of the internet has many uses. Projects like this are designed to help give access to a wealth of information that is freely available for everyone. It’s much like a library, only there are billions of websites and snapshots that have been recorded from decades ago instead of books.

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