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What Does Startup Security Look Like In An Age Where Nothing Is Certain?

Given the economic disruption of the past twelve months, now can seem like the worst time to embark on a startup. However, according to recent studies, more than 95,000 new businesses started in the UK alone between July and September of last year.

In some ways it makes sense. After all, job loss and furlow are ongoing, with many industries facing futures that look impossible, if not uncertain. This has driven many to take the plunge with business ideas that have always been on the backburner. And, done right, this could surprisingly be the best way to job security right now. 

That said, with nearly 100,000 companies shutting their doors as a result of the health crisis, there are undeniable risks to this undertaking. The question is, how can you secure your startup in an age where, for the near future at least, everything remains uncertain?


The businesses coming out on top right now are those who put adaptability at their forefronts. These are the companies who have managed to implement remote processes overnight or have even tailored products to these times. Far from falling under the curve, such companies are coming out trumps, and perhaps even increasing their profits. 

Admittedly, implementing adaptability from day one isn’t easy, but it is possible. For instance, basing your business in the cloud means that you’re well-prepared for remote switches and other digital transformations. Equally, turning to a SIP Telephone System for built-in call contingency ensures you can keep phone lines open no matter what the next announcement brings. And, of course, constantly adapting your products/offerings to meet shifting customer needs ensures that you’ll stay relevant regardless. 

Backup plans

Backup plans have always been business staples, but never is that more the case than in the current climate. Now, the ability to bounce back/offset challenges goes hand-in-hand with success. 

Most notably, backup plans should look at data collation and access at all times, without the risk of downtime that could lead to ruin. According to Christina Dorffi from Seagate, backup systems should predominantly ‘…offer ease, security, and flexibility.’ 

These are benefits you can largely receive from cloud infrastructures, but a backup also relies on your ability to organise and execute changes/adjustments at a moments notice. 


Fundamentally, each of the above points relies on one key factor – your ability to communicate with your team, even across distances. After all, adaptability will never work if you’re not all on the same page, and a redundancy plan will never keep your startup safe if no one else knows about it. On a more basic level, too, communication and your ability to master it right now is the only way to operate. 

That means implementing the best in-house calling plans and collaboration tools while making sure to check-in/perfect your communication priorities for cohesion, and teamwork, at all times. 

Is starting a business right now going to be easy? Probably not, but then it never is. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still try with these tips close to hand.

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